Nasty f**k out Christina Morris you need to leave Milly alone every bl***th day you and your friends get up and trouble the girl on instgram and Facebook. Remember a Milly mother use to feed yuh when yuh pregnant wid yuh daughter and hungry a kill yuh she do yuh hair and give you all clothes to wear because the tight blo**th jeans them weh yuh did a wear could a hardly fit Yuh. Remember when yuh mother put you out of her house a Milly mother help you move inna the shelter with the twin dem, Christina yuh find the twin them father yet, yuh stop f**k Kim perfection baby father yet weh Chrissy sell yuh to fi $100. Christina you can’t walk Inna Milly shoes no day because a city a feed you and your kids Milly work hard for what she want. Big up bl**th Milly Diva she a mad Christina aka Tete


  1. 95% of this fake hair styles looks so ridiculous and ugly, not only she. I know most Jamaican females think its pretty and nice to have this plastic garbage on your head. Let me tell you it is not, it looks so fake and ugly, tourists a laugh after you!

  2. MIRASS is this one making trouble…govt weave cant help this one man a go put them face in her neck cant look pon dat no time at all. not new that ugly people mek most problem

  3. Hey! Hey! mi know she, she come inna dah big show deh. Am weh it name again? Yes, Star Wars! A she play the likkle Jedi bredda, weh him name again? AAAaaamm mi nuh memba but she a big star.

  4. this girl look like an iguana lizard. Bee I don’t know which “most” Jamaican girls you talking bout like this sit your ass down with that generalization bout Jamaican girls.

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