The time Nicki Chromazz spend a fight Bamboo girl she need fi fight the dirt unda ar finga nails dem….Nothing pon Bamboo girl nuh nasty like yuh finga nail Nicki. It look like yuh run out a toilet paper. Nasty germs yuh.



  1. Yuck me tink a me alone did spot it an all a wonder if the lil gal weh she deh wid no ketch infection from dat.. Ugghhh

  2. Ok so she is officially 100% a crawny bitch. Thats aloot a dirt. A mus the bleaching cream she a dip inna mek dem look suh cuz a cya ntn else

  3. You know all of that gunk, is Pucci juice, gal batty mildew and period residue, because right now Nikki HOEmaz is the biggest lesbian inna Jamaica. I guess she want her fingers dem well shytty, to match her shyt up tongue and pucci.

  4. I cant stand this mascot! Sender mi naa lie u mek mi affi a ponder wat to cook today due to how u upset my stomach! Nasty nails bitch bout Chromaz kmt! 3D zooo0m

    1. Im sorry G….it was hard to eat yesterday after I saw this. Mi did affi delete it from mi phone fast fast….mi just kaint believe how she nasty and love gwan like she a somebody….Nasty Nicki yuh 10 finga dem need fi soak inna wah basin full a detol.

  5. But 2nd n 3rd picture nuh look like di 1st picture! It look like that picture a from Google and zoom in and crop..look like di person a hold a blue phone, unless the picture was crop n zoom in from another picture on her page, cause she always a wear tall fingernail. well if a soh..proof that NOT ALL THAT GLITTER IS GOLD..

    1. I was thinking the same thing…I cannot tell if the 2nd and 3rd pic are associated with the 1st pic or the girl in the pic. However, I do know that people who bleach have discolored nails

  6. Question! Just my lack of knowledge, but mi wan knw..when people bleach and have whole leap of tattoos, how di tattoos nuh rub off and fade like the skin. Sorry but mi stay ah wander.

  7. The tattoo will not rub off because a tattoo is a permanent scar deep into your skin therefore the bleaching cream doesn’t have enough chemicals to react with the ink to fade it.

  8. A nikki finger cause them screenshot it from her snapchat when she mek a post say she deh change her phone

  9. This girl and and har fren dem crawny nuh ***k. She hype and surrounding dutty like har. Fr her snaps dem jump from room to room me a wonda if dem have bathroom and kitchen inna di old house.

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