I never knw Nikki Chromazz wuda really start f*** gyal n look how she use to behave!!!!!! No sah.. all d girl weh she n har did a cuss coco princess she did a look di gurl an d gurl neva use har.. right now a she n nathania a f*** straight thru..i dnt knw if nathania still a f** babystar but i hear say nathania av di money lock lock and a she a pay nikki rent fi di ghetto weh she liv inna
To how nickie hype i think she wud be takin plane by this if is even a trip to ochi dwl but seem like r p*** stop work cause i get to understand is she du di f** inna r lesbian world boy them girl here mek the hype get to their heavens a swear.. me n nathania use to be friends and she always kind..she a run aneka wong foot hot nuh f** cause she a f** mr wong di chiney man too but a how much money him a give nathania suh das she can all a mind gal outta it..they crazy


  1. OK it seems like someone is jealous of this girl and send in a story fi feel good about themselves…. Sender have several seats

  2. Anonoymous u shud hold a millliooooon seats because no 1 can be jealous of “NOTHING”

    All she has is cheap clothes n antique furniture n brazilian hair like wtf oh please..with her cheap ass braces

  3. What does Mr Wong do for a living ?? Him a mind more than one woman fi years plus pickney and it nuh look like a chump change a gi weh.

  4. Unu late eeee look how long Nikki chromaz a fuk gal is just that she start show it now and by the way nikkki fuk gal and gal fuk nikki to so when unu ago say she play man role she play man role fi ediot weh a just bust in a bi-sexual world unu did memba d big cuss cuss pon bbm with michii boo and r couple years ago when michii did a tel bout r sadamite self and she did a dis own a not even a year good yet she start own #congrats Nikki mi know long long time from portmore days but mi did a wonder when she did ago com lol

  5. Nathania is a pretty girl ! But , Nikki Chromazz mi naah lie yuh NEED a whole new life yuh cayliss bad fi young gal … Baby starrr is a next idiot gal kmt big n dunce like bat like where is her child ? who does her child lives with ? she never post her up but deh pan IG a “hype”

  6. Ewww. Of course nikki ago start F**k woman now because there’s no man lef fi nikki tek. Nikki F**k evvvvvvveeeerrrrybody. Don’t knw who nuh F**k she.

  7. Ewww. Of course nikki ago start F**k woman now because there’s no man lef fi nikki tek. Nikki F**k evvvvvvveeeerrrrybody. Don’t knw who nuh F**k she.

  8. Bwoy unuh can mek them people here feel like them important. I followed Nikki on Snapchat and had to stop! She is sooooooooo annoying especially when was cussing that girl coco and say she ugly hell Nikki own a mirror???? She looks like a damn gecko! Girl take that thing out your nose, take off the cosmetic braces and stop bleach! What is wrong with these girls??? Everyday all she feeds on is KFC, girl you’re going to get sick from all that man made food. Due to how she hype I never know is a big dutty tenament yard she live in!!! When unuh get money unuh spend it pon clothes??? And why she gotta talk so like a big dutty sketel??? I pity her. And when you say this them say you badmind really bad mind what? The dutty nasty house, yuh China made clothes and shoes? Your bruckness??? Yuh nasty cayliss life a party and do NOTHING that you think is soooo cute??? Laughing at people who can’t afford a hype phone??? The fact that you can eat KFC all day? Make a trip to mobay? Girl you know how outta airport stay? The world soon humble you.

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