0 thoughts on “CHRONIXX AGEN

  1. Have mercy a weh cockinixx do now ………..? Unu nuh si how him par ….di man feel like a top Man ………..but mi like him – (whispering voice) why dem dont like si di rasta man wheel out? ….. :malu2

  2. Morning Met and all! For some reason dis young man don’t seem to have a good reputation in the music fraternity. I like his music but bwoy mi no so sure bout the personality at all…so much people cant a tell lie? Even before the story you had up about him last I been hearing how him cocky, disrespectful and lack manners….I don’t know sah

  3. I believe them bc I asked about a show in NYC on his ig and he didn’t respond to me.. Unlike other artist like ioctane who responds .. I still like his music tho.

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