1. ,,,,,,,, and to think if poor/black people have the last dollar in their pocket they’d bring it right to church on saturday or sunday go put it right in the collection plate!,,,,,,,, but then again if they don’t put it in the church collection plate they’d go put it right in the obeah-man’s coffer :ngakak
    wonder which is the better of the 2 evils?

  2. Yes Mi did go one church on white plains rd and when the offering tingy a go round and tithes start going up Mi remember the pastor stop the singing and tell the members dem seh Dem must not initial their names on the envelope Dem must write out Dem full name….u kno why because pastor kno what kinda job each church member do an him nuh want no short change….mi nearly dead when Mi hear

  3. Miss “METH:……come here please. Is where dis church located. Farin or Jamaica. From I was delivered at the hospital ________________________. My gosh. Never in all mi years. SMH.

  4. Mi nuh go church but di last time somebody invite mi a dem church mi say yes cause mi neva want it look bad… Di pastor collect di offering an Afta him do likkle words… him say it nuh reach di amount they were counting on an him know di rest a di money in here… him can feel it Mi just buss out a big Dutty laugh dat associate neva even glimspe me again mi nuh know dem..

  5. What incentive is there to pay tithes in JA, not like you get a tax write off. Many of the churches nuh under no governance so who knows how tithes going. I honestly believe that verse has been misinterpreted and perverted. If a tithes and offerings den you must can bring two mango, pear, a yam or bunch of guinep, or whatever you have. Weh ppl weh nuh hab money fi get it from? Meck mi rass name was on dat list, one wormy mango mi drop in di plate next time.

  6. Attended a friend’s church for my God Child’s dedication and I was almost robbed blind. The offering plate was sent around 4 different times!!! The evelope also had lines to fill in your contact information. It was already bad enough that the service felt as if I would neverrrrrrrr end. In church by 9am but not dismissed til 1:00pm, kmt.

    1. Met!!!! And the only reason I didn’t leave is because they waited until the last part to dedicate the tired and bawling babies.
      One collection was offering, next mi hear bout building fund, den a next one called “Assistance” … That one they did after reading out who in hospital and who get put out etc.. Smh, never again.

      1. Dem fi limit church hours and dat will reduce overhead costs. I dont know what some a these pastors a go tell God seh

        1. Say it, Met. They have a whole lot of explaining to do. But some of us who attend church like myself need to stop being slaves to those preaching from the Altar. I pay my tithes and I do see results, but one thing, I will not go hungry, homeless or broke to put money in any offering bag. I was given knowledge, wisdom and understanding for a reason. Christ is coming back for the churches, it is written in Revelations 2-3.

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