Good evening met. Just want to give them people ya some of the attention them a seek. From day dem live pon fb. One bag a man inna house a mobay.

All the Hennessy them a show from day them caan pull one because them haffi keep it to carry Inna di people them dance later. Them call them self big spenders. Big spenders wanna be weh buy a crete a dragon and think seh them hype. The one name boyd mek me tell you since nobody nah tell you. The weed and all weh you a do don’t fit you yuth. Better you gwan wid yuh pharmacy work and easy you a make a fool outta yuself
Big spenders none of unnu nuh make one. Toyan yuu nuh stay too bad but so call freshboss drop offa form badly. The foreign woman nah mine you again? The rest a unnu me not even have nuttin fi seh. Unnu clothes never pass 2000 dollar a peer cheap clothes unnu wear. Alvin you nuh have no woman? Look a gyal yuthe. Big spenders unnu a di biggest wanna be bout Clarendon. Me love di joke offa unnu. Real big spenders make them thing talk fi dem self.


  1. Cool set a yutes? You nah see dem pon fb wen dem a hype pon nuttin and a video one case a dragon and stone. Big spenders dis and dat. If them go tiger mart go buy a breakfast dem haffi video it and a show money. A make di whole a dem make up a party and still nah floss. Watch dem too. Lol. Peer fraud all star

    1. Me no see nothing there to badmind and me nuh see nobody there weh look like dem have money fi big spend on a ting.

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