Clarendon Dancehall Lover Triangle ..




Nana Fashion vs Sher

Who is Mrs 45 ??

Dj Askel a so yu did powerful…. Sher yu never did gone back to you baby father ..Oh shit a did you inna the bar at the party ..Dwl

Nana nuh man nuh deh Canada ..Yu left Chris Prada yu Tek up Shane then you left him and go back to Chris Prada ..then Askel 45 mi listen the song weh him build fi you …Askel yu a the boss …Mek the two a them share the cocky …. Sher the Dj want Hot gyal fi walk with enuh …Yu need a stylist and you friends them wicked before them help you out…Nana weh yu baby father deh .. Gwaan back to him …Or better you go f**k Kerry …Uno life Sad nuh BBC …. Cause Askel and The Tollgate girl nah stop f**k ….


  1. If Shane a di boy weh nana did deh wid Inna easter a di same ting me did a say, a muss mine she a mine him cuss di boy clean

  2. They are both beautiful, first girl just needs help with her make up thats all. Done di johncrow money pan u self girl.

  3. Nana and askel now? Really . . . Just the other day a did she and Chris Prada deh drink out after she left shane. Why she just a bounce round herself so? Then want to be so miss classy on Facebook. Lucky thing a boy pickney she have because she nah set no example

  4. Kmt lean mouth askel a nuh nobody to write home to mom about Suh me nuh really understand wha gwaan ya Suh as for NaNa her pussy have nuff mileage pan it a just through nobody naw realize

  5. All these comment about another woman tho I sure hope u all are virgin…girl in black cute woman always put down other woman it is so sad I bet it’s there frens that do these things and hiding behind pc sone of u guys need a life serious sad female

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