Hello guys, I have a cousin he’s 13 years old. He is a slow learner, I am looking for a slow learning class or program for him. Could you post this for me please so that your fans can help me finding a class or program for him?


  1. Mums yuh have a better chance of educating yourself to educate him because in Jamaica they classify all special needs children in one category they put all of them in school of Hope and some of them just needs an institution that caters to there need. I feel it because it’s the same with my cousin he is autistic, he doesn’t say much but the schools that cater to his need are all the way in Kingston and cost a lotttttt of money smh it hard for those children even harder than a child who learns on a normal level

  2. I used for my son. He is not a slow learner but the program is great for all learners as it allows kids to work at their own pace and offers feedback on incorrect answers and it starts from kindergarten thru to high in four subject areas – maths, english, science and social studies. It offers several versions for 190 countries throughout the world. You can try it for free before subscribing.

  3. Special Education school located on 12 c Collie Smith drive kgn 12. The name is Operation Restoration christian School. Very gpod skl. I was a teacher there for 8 yrs. the number is 976 4245.

  4. Hi hello sender, just like how u google Jmg, just go in your search engine right uppa di top a u phone or tablet. PC whichever you using.. Then type in schools for kids with learning disabilities near me.. Its doesnt matter where in the world you live google will assist you. Just like how it help you find the most talked about website in da wurld Jmg. You are welcome in advanced.

  5. Address: 7 Leinster Road Kingston 5
    Phone: (876) 929-4341
    Fax: (876) 929-4348
    Open: JACLD/The Learning Centre offices are: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Operational hours for the Learning Centre (school) : 7:45 am to 2:00 p.m After school tutoring and part-time students: 2:15 pm – 3:30 p.m.

    Contact: Director, Alicia Francis
    Phone: (876) 929-4341
    Fax: (876) 929-4348
    Cost Of Registration
    Tuition:$34,000 per term
    Assessment: $8,500 per child
    Total Enrollment: 65 (Kingston & Mandeville. ( lady see mi find one deh fi you) Jmg people are very busy business we are in our office researching and we are tired. We caah lef wuk come ova here a do other ppl job. Boy lady me might sound harsh but me nah look fi no more fi you.. Mi gone read usain bolt. Have. Good day lady or sir. Kiss u nephew fi mi

  6. Some a unuh just feel like unuh need fi cuss or show up people for everything. The fact that the person wrote this post I am going to assume that they already looked for school. Most of these website in jamaica is not updated. The person might just asking based on the experience other person have and would like to know their views on the school. No body nah force you to answer. People mix up yuh waa hear. Anyways there is a good program at mico teacher’s college in Kingston.

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