1. Met u heard how dem murda Ms. Honduras and her sister? So sad. Young young girls…her boyfriend saw her dancing wid a nex guy an shot di two sister dem kill dem…apparently this is very common in Honduras, but we neva a hear bout it cause none a dem was so prominent. Those fellas take their kitty cat ownership very seerius.

    1. I read about it too. What happened to Ms. Honduras & her sister was very sad indeed – Im baffled, perplexed & confused why some ppl r so quick to take someone’s life out of jealousy. Real cold & heartless monster!!

  2. D scrap metal & gash fi gold ppl dem dangerous fi true eh nuh. A same so some returning residents came home to Jamaica, to their surprise their iron gate was gone. lol Only to find out that thieves in d scrap metal trade had stolen it, dem nuh partial nothing, I also heared on d news that a woman & her husband were walking downtown when a man demanded her wedding band, she refused & he severed her finger, taking ring & all. Suh wah ppl affi guh start duh yah now, wear wire ring & mek board gate fi please dem thief yah???!!! Hush Ms. Jamaica, Ms. World organization affi guh mek d Chinese dem mek 1 a dem fashion jewellery (or wah jamaicans call wash ova) crown deh, cauz d Chinese dem good pan meking d knock off/fake things dem, nobody nah guh know seh it nuh real.

      1. Mi seh d scrap metal thief dem move wid d ppl dem gate, nuh gate dem nuh come back come see, :ngakak :ngakak D ppl dem leff dem good good gate & come back to drive through, can just imagine how shock d ppl dem was :ngakak :ngakak

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