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  1. Must be true . Have not seen him out and he has not posted on facebook in a while . And im use to post everyday .

  2. ah true! Met….. mi see friend damien monday and mi ask him fi kymaly. him tell mi say them hold(kymaly) but him can getting inna it right now. but wonder fi what this time. cause the last time me see him desgin T-shirt cause the road a get hard. mi sorry fi him, cause mi don”t thing him, have his paper.

  3. Look pon dis young, fresh bwoy and di ongle ting can come wid inna feem mind is fi scam ole senile ppl outta dem money. Ain’t nobody got it easy, di doctor u see today did a lib pon bread and sawdine in him uni years, Judge Joe Brown seh a corn beef hash him feed pon chu school days, and kraft dinners kept nuff a wi. Dese ppl see ppl wid tings in dem older years and tink smaddy juss handed it to dem, or it come overnight. Dem nuh see di dawk days, di kotching wid ppl, di walk till u foot bruck cause u caan spend fiddi bus, dem nuh see di joy u feel when u can buy a hotdog off di street cause u caan look eena restaurant cause not even dem wata u can afford. Hawd wuck and hawd life builds character, nuh shame nuh eena di crawl pon belly stage till u can fl like eagle. Pay unno dues and lift up unnoselves di right way.

  4. Yea dem too thief always saying they born good where r all his frens now.he got in trouble b4 he should stay humble or continue stealing or making t shirt fir a living ir better yet still sell his ass

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