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  1. If a jail dis man gone a hope affi parking tickets anything else a di show weh him girl a put on … She a pressure him fi put on for dancehall ppl seh him money nuff like flippa… Youth mek money an ez an stop mek gal hype up yu ting an sen yu guh jail while she a swallow a nex man hood…

    1. Yu couldn’t a sey it any betta! These jobless whores put everything pon soical network…somebody muss go prison or dead at the end of the day.

  2. Credit card him party a come up . This is a list of thieft apple bobbeth jay icon jueicon Dwight gq twin opal sue shawna

  3. Yup it look suh him never dey a blood and how much dance keep and him party a cone up I wonder if it still ago keep

  4. Met how you no get this one ya . Met me say Monday a the park daffyyyyyyyy affi run like Hume get deat news with the bogust ticket them wey him a sell lord god the police they all over a look fi him . Garfield say when him. Hear say daffy a sell the ticket him call him an warn him but him never listen .woman a thief man a theft . Daffy the people did a scan the ticket them wat a disgrace

  5. ppl still scam cc inna dis age wit so much camera all bout da place dem ppl brave u see watch yah n have nerve fi deh pon fb n ig dem brite!! unno nuh know seh da boys in blue have social media pon lock or nah

  6. fashion passion is ur man in jail nd will de dance be on in he next 1 week and 7days hun?!?!

      1. yawdy a dat smaddy did send in one time bout 1 week n 7 days like fi dem week nuh deh pan earth yah

  7. All this breaking late news mek mi cah movvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Rayyyyyyyyyy.

  8. Is a good thing him did a muscle up from wha day
    Him can now manage the prison life mi nuh haffi fret fi him

  9. Something guh down fi true because mi read him woman IG and bare prayers and dem now remember God. Her fans dem a tell her fi keep the faith and pray. I caught some subs suh mi figure if it nuh guh suh it near suh…

  10. But funny enuff mi nuh see apple neither, I viewed twinny party pic and no sign. Mi see jay, jue and Kerry

      1. Dem gone attempt fi do some “spot cleaning” and playing the ‘who fi sell out pon’ game…lol
        “Time is the MASTER of all things”

  11. Me read de high speed chase news…lol. Guess ICE didn’t get him as a few bloggers posted. Never too late fi a shower of rain in these days and time.

  12. Jue got caught driving on the highway by troopers wit the white thing over the law limit & if he do come out he really snitch because this is a serious offense.

  13. No all this time mi a hear bout jue icon is really Junior Brown lol . :ngacir2 :ngacir2 :ngacir2 ..

  14. Morning met . Me sey i wish i could warn these group of bad apples they INSTGRAM pages public & jobless come on u think USA na watch wait . What a bam bam u goes don’t even gross 20 grand a year to cover uno tracks but flossing in the latest of high end mamma u belly ago bun u a give her by Christmas to off the street one by one .

  15. I here his woman love swallow shit to traffic as well smh apple do it too. Kerryan claim say her man not doing time alone her speech was why do 10 when you can tell on a friend

  16. J icon was driving behind him and when Jew got pull jicon kept it moving, I here from good source that is juggis they doing business with .juggis You still in LA boo or you cut?

  17. They didn’t learn from flippa his batty gonna burn him..he already look like a handicap fish.

  18. Suh ah swallow Apple swallow tings mek shi can wear dem exotic clothes and shoe suh okay mi si now ah only inna mi dreams mi coulda dress like dat anyway mi still like si har wen shi dress shi ah real goodas!!!

  19. RunnerMan leff out di sneakers an tunn DrivaMan now? iCan sped away from JueMaiCan getting pulled over?
    (note to iCan) If yu a di spotter fi di shipment an di cyaar wid di tings a get pull over, yu job is fi bunx di police cyaar and keep going….got it?! You is to be riding CLEAN. Tek di ticket an di one night mek di tings guh choo.

    1. Yuh full a sense eh nuh Willie, yuh know dat??!! Mi luv read ur comments dem cauz a pure facts yuh chat, dem just a meddle inna things weh dem nuh have a clue bout man.

  20. Everyone a we come to America for a better life rather if you humble are hype a you a run the risk on going to jail nobody as long as the person don’t get broke on start beg you don’t talk because most of you guys talking wish you was in there position me see someone put up juggist name even if a him on them do business. The topic is about Jue icon boy me a tell you jamaican a bet you say if most a you guys her you going back tomorrow the first thing in your mind is how you ago manage listen carefully a uno make people hype because if what they was doing never bother uno them uno try over do it idiots out when you motivate someone all they going to do is take what you say on prove you guys wrong

    1. So It’s only a problem when dem get broke and beg mi. What about whem dem broke and rob wi? Most of the time these people name come up the topic is scamming.

  21. wow jue bear…… u know is Kerry ann draw put jue enuh :malu since she start spar wid tapple jue was very humble and lay back shit just get real ….. Kerry just a hype up so and a draw jue inna the spot lite …….jue why u never stay humble why why why u neva ignore tapple and jay and continue do yu own ting ………well I don’t wish bad fi no man still Kerry ann yu just remember god oh oh FP WHERE ARE U BOOOOOO

  22. wow .jue bear don’t wish no man badd but u now say a Kerry ann draw out jue yes jue is very humble and cool……but no Kerry put jue inna the dancehall ray ray ….when she start walk wid tapple and jay him all change him name to icon …… Kerry u just remember god ………..anyway wish unna luck FP WHERE ARE U BOO :tkp :tkp

  23. Preach Willie preach. All you juggis a dem man ya you mix up with OK going to keep a close eye on you.I here is 70pound you rob a Florida weeks ago .I wonder if its really j icon you split it with cause I here is him set up the link .that’s why he went Vegas so his name don’t call but we on to you.met put this post back at top 1st page cause a lot of facts have┬áto run today

  24. This post need to UP UP, I know these people from off a pinkwall when me come read and I cannot imagine how they so fool fool to be in the spot light and a deal with illigal ish. Dancehall people a the best…LOL

  25. ONEDROP…..what we are witnessing here is the development of a career criminal in RunnerMan.
    From Shoplifter
    to Credit card Fraud
    to Juggler
    one more step to Shotta (this is guaranteed if the good r not yours and yu haffi defend it)
    iCan, dis nuh worth it yuh ere. Please to reconsider your career path.

  26. Kerryann fi know who she n har mon do business wid mi haer seh ah mousy which is kerryann fren shelly mon ah inform pon jueicon wat ah dutty business dem seh mousy know bout jue icon dirty travelings from back n forth

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