1. SHE is pretty, Cham was in Mount Vernon Sunday for Arts on third. He gave a nice performance, and big up the Mayor and the crowd for keeping it peaceful, bout ten minutes later a man was shot an killed. Cuz Mt.Vernon ppl know the meaning of irony.

  2. You neva see smoke widout Fyah. Member she been withdrawn lately and M.i.A on Social media fi months . Maybe she harself found out late last year. Dem seh lickel buddy man gi di most problems and Cham is the leader fi di pack :cd :ngakak

    Ophelia, Please to stop common out urself and look ratchet. You come from a decent family and you are a Good girl.. Hanging with”No” Queen Nicky, Marsha “no” Style and Stasha with the hot/busy/overused Crocthes make you look regulla and bring down ur Celebrity potential.. Maybe that is why you man go stray, cause him no wah see dem Ghetto gal dem ina him house. :travel

  3. I don’t know, husband or not. I cannot be with a man who go out there and get a child when me and him in a relationship. Is what happened? His wife breeding bag not working? How she nuh breed but him breed somebody else? The Baby is very pretty for real.

  4. So it goes sometimes. It may be hectic from the him being married perspective, but at least he owns his child – if she’s an outside child – & didn’t abandon her for any woman, wife or no. She’s such a sweety pie.

    1. What a stress, do no badda mek your heart string buss up. That child is NOT his wife’s Baby, and you are here commenting with the dumb bitches you dumb cunt!

  5. The caption said it’s my pretty baby birthday, doesn’t mean she’s his child. We love jumping to conclusions i see…. And O is very active on snapchat.

  6. Maybe it’s the girl in Canada baby. O missing from IG from the woman see her pictures in her man phone.
    Pretty little munchkin she is.

  7. Mi hear seh him best friend Damian Marley have pickney outside of him relationship too. Only thing is Damian dont claim them (heard it was 2 others) in public but support them financially

  8. When shame did song in the pumpum turn up song with o ..him did sing a line that said them a wonder how u have a daughter and smaller than a medium ..either way o is that bomb little and sweet and as she say her out pum turn up ..gyal can dress , gyal leg them set nice and clean. ,any style gyal wear fit her …gyal look like tomorrow Braxton ..if Cham go outside of the marriage a waste cause o look better than him by far .

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