1. Loving it… Mi a pray to god she keep it up. Gyal always pretty and a mess up harself with di crazy colors

  2. Spice looks very nice, love the hair and the look, I hope she keeps this look really fit her and just leave the color hair alone… Kudos

  3. Me always a bash u spice some have to give it to u when you’ve done it right. You’re on the right path *thumbs up*

  4. So make mi get dis right. Fake hair accentuate beauty, no wonda Mr. Chin round a back a Laugh while oonu spen oonu last. KMT

  5. Can’t help but wonder if yall saying she Look good good or she look good by HER STANDARDS?? In any event she can gwaan yes…progress come wid reading di wall morewhile yes.

  6. Met tell spice say too much hair!! Do time too hot fi dem big bungle a hair deh.. So how the hair look like spice just throw it over her shoulder the two long piece a di bottom

  7. Spice it’s a good look mi nah lie
    Yuh popping ma,for the first time in my eyes you look very refined

  8. Yes anon 8:08, mi can read. If someone bought you a dildo, regardless of the color, would you consider it the real thing?

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