Police constable charged with lottery scamming

A police constable assigned to the St. James division has been arrested and charged with lottery scamming.

Constable Derrol Williams was also charged under the Firearms Act and the Customs Act with causing the transportation of more than US$10,000 into Jamaica.

He was charged after a ruling by the Director of Public Prosecutions.

The Anti Lottery Scam Task Force reported that on December 27, 2017, an alleged associate of Constable Williams arrived at the Sangster International Airport on a flight from Orlando International Airport.

During a search of his luggage, more than US$14,000 was seized.

Further investigations led to a search of the associate’s phone, which revealed conversations, receipts from a remittance agency and 10 pictures of credit cards.

A subsequent search of a property occupied by the policeman resulted in the seizure of an illegal firearm and lead sheets with identity information of several persons living overseas.

Constable Williams appeared before the Western Regional Gun Court Thursday for the firearm charge.

He will appear before the St. James Parish Court on Friday to answer to the other charges.


  1. Das why di ppl dem nuh respect nuh law enforcement dung deh cause a tings like dis.. How dem fi feel safe inna di hands of criminals?

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