No talk trruuuut wah duh da he/she ya ! Shi stay bad nuh bloodclaut ! Omg like a walking ole bat , my girl yuh don’t Mek it not one rass literally look like a crackhead

15 thoughts on “CORA AND DI FITNESS

  1. She go open store a bay and we’ll hype and haffi close it down now she magga down n ah talk bout fitness ah everyday stress from oney and things getting harder fi you manroyal … you stay real bad real real bad

  2. She run go buy buy Miami stylist daretobevintage who went to china come back with all the fake clothes cut up and because him and blachyna a friend them well order up want him post them picture and he selling fake shit cut on custom and charging $800 ! Idiots just to be instagram famous

  3. She looks fucking horrible tha body deh nuh look good nor attractive she looks sicking yuckkkk wanna be keyshia kaior

  4. Not hating or anything like that but .those pic I see on IG look horrible :takut : :takut me no like them :tkp :tkp if that’s the way my body going to look after I fix it :hammer :hammer better me neva fit it :tkp :tkp

    1. Yes she was, think she went overboard with the surgery. Might be addicted if you ask me. She has gotten way too slim. She keeping up hard with Onie harlots dem. Him freehanded to you see, very kind.

  5. Unless she recently had surgery but she did my hair about two years ago and looked absolutely gorgeous… shapely and all. Cora if you can reverse to two years ago my girl.

  6. saw this on her page with the word throwing and all I could do was pray for her because she look so desolate. further more her hip are over pad so she has a very unnatural cute or sexy but to each his own

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