Evin Cosby Celebrates The Launch Of pb&Caviar
A day after Camille Cosby released a statement in defense of her embattled husband, one of the comedian’s four daughters is defending her father.
Evin Cosby, 38, says Bill Cosby “is the FATHER you thought you knew” in a statement, obtained Tuesday by “Access Hollywood.” She also defended her father on Facebook where she wrote “Men and Women need to stand up and say something. There are plenty of them that have experienced being accused of a major crime that they NEVER committed.”
In recent weeks, a different picture of Cosby has emerged as at least 15 women accused him of drugging and sexually assaulting them. He has never been charged in connection with the accusations. His lawyers have denied many of the allegations.

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  1. Idk why mi tink dem woman yah ah look fame money and controversy god fi give me if mi ah judge ! But why dem choose fi just talk smh ppl would do Anyting fi bring ppl down ah ah true di man sex unnuh and prolly never pay unno off unnuh ah bawl out RAPE! All she Beverly Johnson who did deh pan reality show the other well bruck and ah look attention/money fi Di interviews to baxside !!

  2. This is the very same reason why victims in domestic,rape or any form do not come forward.It takes one brave person that will have a domino effect of having others.If u watch crime stories (eg)forensic files.A lot of victims do not come forward because of many reason (eg)they r poor,immigration status,felons.This is just sad.Camille shouldn’t even seh nothing,the fact he went out of his marriage numerous time is a crime in itself.No pass from me,him dweet

  3. Me nah defend no man and dem dick, cause man will go places and do things wah some wouldn’t expect. See di very very attractive Darren Sharper up fi rape charges deh, and dat is a man wah whole heap a ooman would a drop drawzz fah if him just blow breeze pon dem and him charged fi rape.
    I nah swear fi none!

  4. All of these women claimed that Bill Cosby raped them, but not one went to the Police or their Doctor, in an era where young and beautiful white girls were accusing, especially, a black man of rape? Now 30+ years or so later, they are supposedly “victims”. “Victims” who went back over and over… Alleged…Proof please.

    1. exactly! a white woman accusing a black man of rape back in those days would definitely garner jail time this is why I an so skeptical about these “victims”.

  5. Why do people insist that none of the women went to the police or that this is the first time that the accusations have come out? I knew about Cosby and his * alleged rape life from the 1990’s. Pre internet, plus I live in Britain.
    Also Beverly Johnson is getting torn a new one in the other Cosby thread when I think that the ex model who has a child for Peter Nygard and carries our sex work is Beverly Peele. She is of a different generation than Johnson and has a completely different shape and skin tone.
    And Cosby’s wife and Kid sound like they have been programmed. I don’t even think that Camille wrote her statement. It’s a bit too slick and contains nothing as to what she may be going through.
    Poor Camille. One of the first Famous Black THOTS. Staying and praying with a man who most definitely doesn’t love her ,apart from as a vessel to push his kids out of (he hasn’t been a good father) and as the female side of his fake, public persona. That Cosby money must be good and tall!
    Sorry, Bill, but Massa doesn’t want you in his club anymore. When he allowed you to get away with nastiness (as they allow themselves to), you really thought that you were running thangs. Now you are looking for the black media to be neutral, when it is the white media that has been too neutral for too long and in lieu of being able to write about our politicians truthfully, are coming for the low hanging perverts in Hollyweird, you being one that they allowed to get away with stuff for decades. Now next for Kirk Douglas, I hear he raped natalie Wood. Maybe God his punishing him by not letting him die .And Jack Nicholson best pray his alzheimers does a good number on him before some bored reporter starts investigating his alleged behaviour with women.
    Message to lay people… stop worshipping and stanning for people who we only see on the t.v. and hear through the radio. Especially ones who indulge in binary “respectability” politics.
    Oh, sex workers of all genders can be raped, too. Just putting that out there.

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