8 thoughts on “COULD BE A HOME GROWN TEEF -_-

  1. And most of us went to school we should make use of it. The correct word should be there and not “their” and the word is damn.

  2. Dumb idiot she can’t spell to save her life . Guess she don’t like how it feels and she better slow her row these are all signs that what you brag about “Gucci this and that” don’t belong to you either . Again IDIOTS

    1. :cd. the word is R.O.L.L.! #3

      Also, 1st comment- shut the hell up! use punctuations since you want to come off as a GOD DAMN intellectual :nerd

  3. You should go steal a dictionary and learn your words, meanings and correct spellings. Not a fan of she or her cousin. But come on hyping with nothing behind it. (Covers face)

  4. This is bobette Cousin no one knows this idiot she took shawty man and breed for him and took him in her apt then all he do is beat and cheat on her he juss another son three months ago this girl been doing this spelling shit for years she can’t read and write for shit she and her theifing cousin need to stop stealing ppl credit card info

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