38 thoughts on “CRAYFISH DI LADY 20K

  1. Which is right. That’s why I don’t follow certain ppl on sm enuh,most a dem a tief and liad.

  2. Ppl better becareful how dem give her money bout partner plan. Dont give puss butter to carry. Live within your means

    1. Might be so, but Jamaica is not what it use to be. People are getting killed for screwing people over for simple things. Let her continue to do what she is doing and one day she will meet her Waterloo. Putting hit on people in Jamaica, male or female, is cheap.

  3. But 20k jamaican dollar is nothing I could understand 20 mill I would just leave her to time. But hey you got your repayment in food. So you good.

  4. Wanna be rich bitch thiefing badmind stacy. Somebody finally loud you up with your fake lifestyle . Member seh the house weh ya post a nuh your own a di BALLA OWN bout yuh buy house . Him hate yuh like poison gyal cuz yuh obeah the man. MEMBER HIM NEVER PROPOSE TO YUH YOU PROPOSED TO YOURSELF . Yuh nuh stop hype with the boi things true him nuh deh jamaica. Yuh stop post up yuh landlord vechile dem like how yuh move from rouna him place LMAOOOOOO

  5. Finally Them Expose This Fake Gal! Stacy All You Do Is Badmind Your Friends And Try To Be Like Them N Run Gainst Dem That’s Why You Don’t Have Any Friends! Change Your Dirty Ways And Pay The Lady Her Money N Stop Guh Obeah Man

  6. I have to laugh!!!! This cannot be the same person who post everyday bout uplifting other entrepreneurs but is nothing short of STEALING from them! You should be ashamed of yourself, what could be your excuse? Everyday u hype pon social media and give people impression that you are successful, a lot of people subscribe to your lies and ya gi dem false hope cause yuh bruk or yuh just tief! Live yuh truth bruh

  7. Me glad the day my likkle business never mek it to her pop up shop. She’s very unprofessional also.

  8. Shouldnt pay the difference. That’s interest after waiting so long. That’s why me no grudge dem when me see dem a gwaan pan insta

  9. Dwrcl you probably have her your stuff because she insta famous your *probably* wouldn’t have done that for a regular person…

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