1. I have no ill will or hate for this girl but I must say this pic is very hideous. I you applied that make up by yourself , you need professional help and if it’s a make up artist who applied that make up, that person is a secret hater. That person doesn’t mean you well…it’s very ugly looking. Make up should enhance beauty but in this pic its doing the opposite.

  2. No sah a duppy show this lmao she on fb cussing brenton bout he is a dirty batty man ,looking like a fool deading. Bobby where you get that makeup the funeral home? Brenton say if he was dirty he would of f**k daffy long time boo

  3. Ah nun Brenton she ah cuss ah d Dutty batty man dem ah queens she ah cuss dem did ah banton ah peaches party last night bogle stay bad daughter and he crawny stay bad friends dem bobby ah chat bout uno never notice lately how brenton clean and stay good mi notice it Tricia ah tek care ah him that’s a real friend now bobby go fix d cement Pon yuh face boo boo

  4. NOT flat erring at all but this is one of those IG Black/White and only one color filter pics. Either way…. SHE DON’T LOOK GOOD!

  5. Wow I cant stop laughing.what a fool, I hope she dont ho out like this in the day time while kids are roaming.what a gal look like shibada

  6. One batty man did tell me he sleep with brady on his first trip to la, but him say brady bin was gay from when he was living in bronx. Brady use to steal clothes and mine the batty boy.I just think its wrong for him to be sleeping with man and woman

  7. What is there to get about this horrible looking creature.bobette you mad cause brenton has a green card and you dont even have an id lmao have a seat ugly

  8. So when she filter harself fi dis yah
    look.a 1 ? Mi waan ask!!!inna har rite mind she think dis pic look good???robbette plz to tek u head outta di f..king clouds…….

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