Met crystal is no saint prince used to dry wid Tina and crystal with this guy from Florida name aldi the guy moved up from Florida and get apartment for him crystal and the kids that time she only a work a Klassique and a f**k all a the old man them.
She Mek the boy from Florida put him Bmw in her name all engage to her n shit then she start treat him like f**kery and the people that hang out at Klassique start to tell him how much of the man them she a f**k.
Crystal devious bad all the man she get papers from a check she check inna battered woman shelter after the man find out say a only papers she want and put her out she tell police how him nuh stop beat her all drive down the man and tell police say a him a follow her. Crystal a karma a come back to come greet u.
As for prince him look everybody or should I say anything weh name woman. Same shit he did to Tina a it him a do crystal Tina taught prince how to cook a she get him job at richie rich pon Burke and had him in her house a drive her vehicle and all till him fight her inna whispers and pop out her hair because she took back a phone she bought him when she saw the txt he was sending to some girl, which me would a do to a me a pay your bill and u gonna diss me that way no Mek the gyal u a txt buy u phone.
I don’t know prim so I can’t tell her story but it’s sad that prince didn’t go to the shower,

0 thoughts on “CRYSTAL AND DI KARMA?

  1. Sender this boring my now. How did this bartender girl who ppl claim have up her thongs manage to mek a man put his bimma in her name? And if prince so terrible and bruk why she a run him down from prom and ms Tina when she can just forget about him? Clearly she has other kids and baby daddy so why prince?
    The most interesting development that came out of this whole Bangarang was john John gone live over him ma yaad and a try lick shot inna Kizzy old baby father. And we still nah get no confirmation pon that part here.

  2. Good Morning Met, Metters, Peepers nd Others. …
    Kmft hope dis a the last chead cuz a de sed thing a phucking repeat wi bloodclaat now man
    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  3. Tina me hear say a you send this one.. A that’s y me Fren f**k weh you husband.. Me did deh beside me man when you call him a complain bout prince n how you have the disease nastiness .. Prince always a beat you Tina a no just the one night alone him beat u how much time In front you son .. You you broke prince bad thief up expression money n mind him me no wrong crystal fi come tek him out you house Mek you tek the pill them .. Granny you fi go rest ..that’s why him diss you fool fool gal

  4. Crystal you too fool.. Me can’t believe u Mek prince write you off.. You did get warning hurry up n get over it and jus put on back 10 pounds

  5. Prim you a the duttiest nastiest a the bunch .. A don’t want Mek you go in early delivery .. Me cousin ago put the video a road with you a f**k n suck him m him gal

  6. tina fi go sidung she use to gwaan like prince is har son she no want him have no female friend tina is a big old slut dog cause she and prince leff and she go f**k jayx har matey brother that nuh look good tina and i kno of a fact say jayx n tina deh,she love likkle bwoy too much.

  7. A no flippa we a deal with here don’t try change the topic here .. Me hear say prince a bawl and a complain to him ghetto family them .. A pure threat and bad up them a pree all the Marcia she mad cause she like Fren all a the woman them an beg them things .. She no like what a Gwann cause the money nahh come in ..them a send say them ago work obeah on every body weh Mek comment on him.. The three woman in a this plus the man a whore who no sell pussy sell dick n batty .. Lolllll Tina n crystal will thief the bar them wek them work n mine prince while prim she got pay regular fi the 3 sum them..

  8. Me know say jayx n Tina deh to me live very close to the john crow Tina .. Me say if night coulda turn day ( Tina can f**k ) she f**k all dog.. If them reall have the disease a whole heap a them have it .. Bronx bronx use condom..

  9. First off… Hi prim! What a way crystal a beat uno bad, crystal a hard working girl I know this girl and she work hard and girl always have her apartment and job. I know prim and a she say f**k , threesome and can’t keep a man, prim gwan like she a goodas and f**k like dawg. Everybody know Tina a bitch she need hold her corner I don’t have all day to list the man them wey Tina f**k all she can’t count. Crystal still a f**king fool how can u have a boy like prince a use her and everybody know that prince don’t want her and I don’t know what it’s going to take for her to realize this, all when she pregnant at first he was denying that the baby and telling people they not together. Ladies wise up the man is a womanizer a user and a waste of time. The car prince driving everyday is for crystal me hear sey not even gas him don’t buy woman him bring inside the girl car, house and a all the place where the two a them work and she can’t say nothing lil girl u are a f**king fool. Met this story boring one big circus with a bag a clowns! What’s new??

  10. Me no wrong prince fi a use the fool them.. Me see all Tina in a crystal car. Prince a f*k 3 gal weh me see crystal a talk up to one big Dutty circle a nastiness .. The black and blue eye weh him give her me hear a the talk a rd..

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