11 thoughts on “DAINTY COME HERE MI LOVE

  1. Ah shame she shame. Bitch ain’t it this same pussy sucka broke nigga yuh did a palaff wid. Di two a unnu sick drancrow stomach.

  2. I guess she wasn’t much of a home maker and wasn’t cooking suh him guh look food a road fi eat? yuh shuda see if yuh can find a wet up $1 from the bath tub and guh buy a egg roll, mek dat a shrimp roll

      1. but met on the reals, though a face she a try save, this is not the way to do it. bout him always hungry, if she did even provide a likkle sinting fi him eat, him wudnt go road go nyam. guess her dishes weren’t palatable. smdh

  3. Shawn just like eat different different pu**y,and him mouth ever stink dainty you have stomach to kiss Shawn

  4. I just have one question, Is this the couple that was showing off in the bath tub with the slashing and dashing?

  5. Long time dainty fi run Shawn can’t have a man who walk and suck every girl he fuc*k and have her kids drinking from the same cup

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