1. She dont give di ooman dem a chance fi want di man dem or di man dem fi want di woman dem. Mi waa if a so she hot that every few weeks is a new man. Dont she have two children?

      1. Met a so she a run it hot? Well it must be a business transaction a gwan if a really new man every 2 weeks. She mussi a sell it by the ounces

  1. Good morning!

    I don’t know her but I know of her. I’m sure she has kids and dis nuh healthy fi har kids dem…smdh!

  2. I hate seeing black man flaunting around with these chicks an am a blackman, nothing like a sister to me and nothing like a black baby I jus love the sight..**

  3. Don’t they have the insta aids test kit you can walk with??I think it use like a swab n the results make u know if u good to go.

  4. I swear she a have a dose a SOMETHING a gi way. No normal woman way happy wid themselves go around and change man Publicly like she. The sad part about it is she have picture proof to show all of her victims once she done noculate the place.. yuck.

  5. No man what is it with this girl? How she just a run the ting red so? What inna her caan satisfy? Low budget Khloe Kardashian, wanna bang every black man inna dancehall like how Khloe deh pon a mission fi bang every black man inn the NBA.

  6. Mi agree, it nuh look good at all! But a so nuff gal stay too… Hoes come in rainbow colour. Only thing is, the Jamaican whore dem love lick out pon d foreign whore dem, like sey them any better. Look how much dancehall bicycle u see pon Dis page daily…

  7. If they like it, me love it. Something no good underneath because JA man dem can pretend fi years and none don’t keep she fi long.

  8. I really wonder if she passing something around for true. Cause no shame to her thing and everyone she take picture with. She no hide

  9. As she get the likkle tax money suh she run go book she and di man ticket to Panama.. She never bring her 2 sons go pon no trip or pon no plane.. Gal love mine man u see poor thing.. Mi nuh wrong di boy namn har out yes damn claffy.. Every second she run gone someweh wid man and nah spend di tax money pon har kids.. Lets see how long she and dis one last.. She really rate him fi pay fi all inclusive hotel and plane fare fi him..

  10. Can I ask a question,if dis girl was black wat wld y’all reaction towards her b,wld it b di same because u have girls in Jamaica acting worst dan she,so I wanna know what if she was black an Jamaican.
    Just asking cause nuff a unnu ova yah di way how unnu likki likki an love sweets an want to b in di lime light unnu do for worst dan wat she doing,so leave who no live Ina glass house fi do di stone throwing

  11. What are you guys shocked that a white girl a ho? A dem start hoeing they the pro. One man can’t satisfy her she need more hood for the fire..

  12. Dis girl have some kind a disease a walk wid lmaoo no sah.. Biggest f**k box a New Jersey.. cant she take her kids on a trip somewhere it so sad di poor kids dem always sad when she leaves she fly go Jamaica every other month fi cocky but nah bring har kids dem go disney or punta cana nickoloden somewhere..

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