Hi met I read this article and I found it very interesting. I am sure there will be many different perspective on this article. Please click on the link and read to see if it is something you would like to post to your website and ask your audience what they think. The reason I believe this would be good for your readers is because your site features a lot of dancehall societies. Thank you. P.s. I’ve also noticed that you are religious and I saw that sometimes you do research about demons and occult to educate your audience and I really like that about you, there is a book you can get at bookstores and online, a matter of fact you can get it on amazon its called ‘ He Came to Set the Captive Free’ by Rebecca Brown it is a very good book and you’ll learn a lot. Google it to read the summary and its not boring.

Link https://www.edendecoded.com/blog-2/item/dancing-with-demons

6 thoughts on “DANCING WITH DEMONS

  1. Senda yah work wid di ppl dem weh yah send we go read book? Mi luv Mi caah badda click off from di wall yah now fi go read dat.

  2. Good insight and excellent read. I sometimes wonder what the heck keeps pulling me to the club? Secondly, I am now thinking how at times, I have seen some very quiet people and once they hit the club/dance they morph into totally different people. I wish I read this years ago.

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