1. Den how u mean Met? Marco Dean school fee affie pay!!!!..so she noh affie mek de paapa one way or another :ngakak or is she doing community service.
    Pleasant Good Afternoon Ms Met :angel

  2. suh wait dey she act in fraud movie name jamaica mafia, she a porn star, she a dj and she’s a rich man’s ex wife and still……..no dinero?? or is a part inna a movie she a play?

  3. No guys… Gleaner is having a promo where “celebrities” sell gleaner including the company’s CEO…he was out selling this morning

  4. Bway shi look like shi coulda use every penny of di dolla weh shi ah sell dem Gleaner deh fah! Look like shi need some charity!

  5. So when the celebrities were asked to assist in promoting the paper I take it they were asked to dress the part as well because in the pics she really look like a star seller minus the kisko pops

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