1. This is the reason why badmanism will forever exist. He must be a reflection of the people in is constituency. If the people keep electing these scumbags they must not look for any change in Jamaica in the near future.

  2. When politicians starts acting like this, they’ve reached the highest level of arrogance. He thinks he can say whatever he wants and gets away with it. There’s a time and place for everything

  3. He needs to silent his ego tsk tsk tsk, give a man power or authority and he shall show u his hidden identity… di idiot dem weh a rail nuh si seh him nuh respect their presence??? Distasteful i cant like him! Why him neva dredge up deh seh he’s a rapist/murderer also?? Not because u deh road dat nuh mean u nuh guilty/curse

  4. @just looking where do we go from here… he had too much to drink, and the other lady go a country go issue threat saying she kno who she gwine bring back from town, (wa dis fada)(see today’s cartoon) ants in a everbody pants a farrin, and then there is our famous born land as for us fom Kingston, market cleen cleem, see smaddy put bounty pon police head 1 million, mi a kingstonian and I love my Kingston many of us bought tickets to go for xmas, some of us mad and ignore it, but u can see the lull after certain hours on the streets some taxi she dem naw work a night, its wuss if a country dem gone a bed after 6, padlocks on doors like prison, mek decisions carfully bad mind people a wait pon chump fi fling out people, its the devil and the deep blue sea, in case u go home don’t miss the dance a mas camp it warms your heart all ages just a dance up a storm when mi done mi walk go top range, and ville people go a ville, hush……

    1. You clearly never see the video with Portia inna last week a talk bout how she will carry man from her area to deal with people and that them mustn’t play with her. So very Christian like indeed. I suggest you dash weh dat, cause no good Christian behave like leggo beast!

  5. Non no better than the other in terms of behaviour. So it’s absolutely hypocritical of anyone to talk like seh one greater than one.

    Dem will always gwaan like nastiness. Always cuss each other. Always throw word, and guess what at the end of the day they all smile and laugh with them one another!

    Vaz behaviour here is no different than Portia own from last week. JLP throw word behaviour when dem was in opposition is no different than the PNP now and then PNP behaviour in power is no different than that of the JLP in power now!

    Bout time nuff a unnuh stop be bias, cause it nah help the country go nowhere. Wrong a wrong and right a right! Simple ting fi live by!

    1. Portia behaviour f**d up yes, but u can’t try compare dat with a big political figure a cuss a big raas badwud on a public stage. U a eediot? Wha kinda example dat? U have to expect and demand better from our leaders. U devn disappointed inna him behaviour. U run go bring up Portia fi try justify this f**y. I’ve never seen this ever happen. Di man cuss big “bloodclaat” pon mic. Where were the police to arrest him as they normally do when dancehall artistes cuss badwud pon stageshow?

      1. And we can see your political bias….clearly you weren’t reading with understanding. At no point in time I justified what he did, and clearly pointed out, that they are all the same. As he is not the first not the last to go and cuss dutty badword, class nobody or gwaan like dutty gal! I also stated that people should not be bias in defending one and throwing another under the bus as right is right and wrong is wrong!

        You need to go f**k off with your PNP nastiness!

  6. JLP a badman party. Dem f**ka deh a the worst thing ever happen to Jamaica. Anybody who support dem, nuh know dem history, memba dat. Andrew Nah mek nuh difference. PNP a shit too, but JLP should never be forgiven for how they worked with the CIA to destabilize the country. Jamaica has never recovered from what they did.

  7. Daryl vaz is d worst politican ever. I bet the newspapers and other media outlets ignore this. I am not surprised Dem feel dem run Jamaica and unstoppable .

  8. Dis guy always have controversy surround him, when a nuh one ting is another, and him always have an oafish look in him pictures. Money and name caan buy class or good character, him hab neither. Is poor and illiterate ppl meck dem feel like dem a smaddy, cause righted ppl know what time a strike.

  9. There was no mention of this in the newspapers. I mentioned it in one comment and my comment was edited to remove mention of it.
    Anyone justifying this is a very low person.

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