Dear Met,

We know ā€ˇWifeys and Mateys will always be at odds but there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed.The Internet exploded in rightful condemnation of this hoochie mama ya. Steph Curry is the wholesome face of the NBA.Humble yute,good Christian and family values and his wife is a Godsent Angel.

This BC pc BBC R*asc**t Zutupek pon National TV during the finals broadcasting to 3billion ppl a guh mek a play at the lady good up good up Husband.I mean even if u aspire to be a Matey u nuh must know time and place to mek ur move??Met even sidechicks a cuss her out pon social media,u simply just don’t do that.Kudos to steph to ignore her and focus on the game which they won handsomely.

Maybe it was Lebron and the Cavs send her but it clearly didn’t work!


3 thoughts on “DAS RIGHT

  1. Nice eye candy. Steph…ax at ef she swallow fi mi deh please and tanks. She’ll get +++ brownie points.

  2. Mi understand di time an place ting but how she reach deh… sometimes Mi can really blame di side gal dem fi real but man fi tell dem side piece to say hey gal Mi wife deh yah so bill or yuh nuh mek dem come a yuh game… di gal have a right fi do weh she wah desso is a game but him brite fi have him side gal an wife inna one place har seat look close to di front tuh so Mi know she nuh pay fi dat him support dat…

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