1. Young lady, very eloquently spoken/well mannered on behalf of your mommy and yourself..just as I had presumed…a trying mom who was at her wit’s end with the 12 y.o and took last resort measurements to nip that on-going problem in the butt. Young lady, listen to your mom and continue to be an example of the positive up bringings and disciplinary actions that your mom had and is still trying to instill within your young lives…tell your little 12 y.o sister that your mom loves her just as much and wants to see the best outcome for her as well. Those wounds will heal, but a mother’s love lasts a life time. Have a wonderful day hun :peluk

      1. Metty, only those who feels it knows…the mother is a trying and loving woman, and if I were these two very intelligent young ladies…I would not ever trade their mommy for any other. That woman loves all her babies, and she is a good mother, and that is all there is to it. Case closed!

  2. I totally agreed with the beating she got, the bible says don’t spare the rod and spoil the chile. Growing up mi get some ratid licks from mi granny, sometime all 5 us line up and and get some licks from the leather belt and it never kills wi. she waan pose inna draws pon Facebook, then she must tek licks pon facebook to. the world would be a better place with mums like this, Good Job mum.

  3. Met & Metters lovely day to u all.
    I’m so glad these young ladies gave us a follow up as to what resulted. I was touched when she said her mother did not put them up to this and that she was in her room crying and praying. God answers prayers. All the mother did was erercise some tough love.

    1. Startled, that was all she did. If I were that 12 y.o young lady, I would walk with my head held very high, knowing that my mother loved me enough to go to extreme measures to re-guide me down the right path. Young lady, what you should take away from the repercussions to your actions is that…YOUR MOTHER LOVES YOU VERY MUCH AND WILL STOP AT NOTHING TO CONTINUE LOVING AND DISCIPLINING YOU IN ORDER FOR YOU TO HAVE A BETTER LIFE AND FOR YOU TO HAVE SELF ESTEEM AND LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF AS MUCH AS SHE LOVES YOU. YOU WILL THANK HER ONE DAY…so from now on, walk with your head VERY HIGH, and she cared enough to show the world…..and also know that your mommy loves you with all her heart princess :peluk

  4. Mi naw tek back my chat. These parents need to stop beating their kids on facebook, youtube, or whatever other social website. And there is no point in correcting a child by cursing badwords and them- the same ones you are telling them not to use.

    I would like a follow up story done on this girl at 16. Cause now that sister come out and talk everybody a side with them and mother….but nothing no healthy about the situation.

    STOP BEAT UNO RASS PICKNEY PAN SOCIAL MEDIA. A shoulda all me as teenager she beat, I woulda show all me battyhole. Madness a embarass the little Miss like seh because she a 12 she no fi have pride. No sah, when me a teenager beat me inna house then me can seh alright it look like them care. You beat me a road, no way me never did a go stand fi that. So like me seh me want see this girl in two three years time when cacky feelings really start set in.

  5. well spoken. It was an extreme measure but times are different. It is comparable to parents going to school and beating kids in front of their class etc. Sometimes you have to adapt old methods to nowadays standards. A bit harsh but honestly it might work.

    we get some rass lick similar to that no exaggeration and my mother have two kids never go jail commit no crime educated etc.

    too many nowadays parents friend up their kids. Its not to abuse children but some circumstances warrant extreme actions.

    I commend this mother cuz is unnu same one woulda class di lady if di girl panty pics did go viral.

  6. Thankful this was not a Jamaican parent be us it would be on United Nations round table talk bout how Jamaican parents wicked. Me get lick growing up and it Neva kill me. Furthermore what pride she lost after she on Facebook in her panties soliciting men @ 12. Shame tree chop down, tun firewood, and ashes blow weh long time.

  7. All mi know seh is that mi grow up an si my grandfather put on some licks Pon my auntie n uncles dem, but mi nuh si weh it really help. Most ah dem either dead, deport, served some prison time, ar f**ked up in the head. I don’t practice beating my children, I may have given them a likkle lick here r there, but all of them are doing well an never gi mi any trouble yet. A lot of times the parents are just frustrated about other things and end up taking out their own frustration on the child… I’m just saying!!!

  8. Everybody is not the same talking May work for some which I am sure this mother did at first while some desert the lick and punishment to get what their parents trying to instill in them. Then there is some that just born fi bad and nothing will work.


  9. dis little girl in da video have manners n respect fi har madda u can tell in da tone or she wouldin make da video yeah da bible talk about children dat disrespect them parents anyways hope da 12 yr old get sum professional help from a counselor wish sum1 reach out to this family for counseling

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