Dem say chin say Dave Clans buy her celine Bag and she nah stop meh him ***k out her hole. Mi glad she get the bag because Mi tired of her and the 2 lv bag she did have them 2 bag dem tired. But chin why you have to a go roun a say the man nyam u p***y? A wah a fuss u p***y a get nyam but then again If you can say that and him go buy u celine then mi nuh wrong u from class him up.

Baby mada Mek sure you get celine bag and the Sharon weh a breed too.






  1. Sender get a life u mad or nah. How u fi see chin wid two bag. That girl have almost every Gucci and LV bag there is. Get the f**k outta here. F**g hater.

  2. Chin n her mother a scammer n traffic money for the drugs man . They have way more than 2 bags sender get ur story together.

  3. I agree with the sender that a celine bag is a upgrade. You cannot compare LV and Gucci to a celine bag. The sender sound obsessed with Chin and Dave and this suck pussy though. If Chin a go round a say the man suck pussy she fi stop it but that story talk bout already. A so Dave Clans have money a waste and him baby mada dem need it. Boy o boy man fool eno.

  4. Then a chin that? Kiss my f***ng teeth. Afta Chin a nuh no portion a gal. She is not pretty and thank god fi the breast surgery and batty injection weh she do. Mi have friends weh a real look good gal and them f**k Dave clans and never say him nyam pussy. Mi don’t know that man as a suck pussy man. A nuff gal him f**k and them never call him name pan nyaming crotches so mi don’t believe him nyam chin crotches. She too f***g lie. She a walk a talk so fi true because mi hear it but if Dave never suck my friend pussy so mi know fi a fact him nah suck fi chin because that man did a mad over mi friend, and stalk her phone like Matlock. Him almost mad when she lef him.

  5. As a in the streets nigga mi a pree da story ya from weh day, on a serious level the gal chin fi gwey. Mi deh pan phone and hear her a talk wid my woman say the yute eat her. Mi think is a hype she a bloodclat look. A years mi a run the road and f**k nuff gal weh Dave Clans f**k and mi never hear them man name a call pon no nyamings. Some gal a real crosses. Dave need fi pree the thing, a no every gal you fi f**k or bring round you star. She say it fi true caz mi hear her on the phone to my catty. Even my catty a say she chat to much. Mi nah swear fi no man eno but you need fi check da gal yah whether or not you nyam her bossman straight.

  6. Move Uunnnnu Dirty BBC Chin Don’t Even Have Friends Worst Not Even Chat To People….. Muuurdaaaaa …When Badmind Turn Oxygen It Unnu Breathe Now. UNNU A Go  Dead Cause More Is On the Way Coming Stay Tuned….. To BBC Can One Girl Have Unnu A Way So Weh Born IN a Good Thing And Believe In A Good Things … Hear Deh , Unnu Must Stop Look Hype Off A People  … Go Fix Unnu Life

  7. Move Uunnnnu Dirty BBC Chin Don’t Even Have Friends Worst Not Even Chat To People….. Muuurdaaaaa …When Badmind Turn Oxygen It Unnu Breathe Now. UNNU A Go  Dead Cause More Is On the Way Coming Stay Tuned….. To BBC Can One Girl Have Unnu A Way So Weh Born IN a Good Thing And Believe In A Good Things … Hear Deh , Unnu Must Stop Look Hype Off A People  … Go Fix Unnu Life ….

  8. Suh woman and man suck each other based off good looks? Mi Raas! Mi did think if yuh going to suck off somebody, health and commitment would be more important than looks, anony yuh friend might a Di pretty but har pusc stink, an Di mampala who claim him overhear Di girl a chat one yuh nuh fi a faas inna yuh woman phone convo and two, you putting here makes you a bigger chatterbox than her, women say shit like that all the time to hurt up man and mate head, unnu sound like unnu just bad mine this girl and she may not be pretty but she looks damn fine otherwise.

  9. Fix your life, we know you a either chin or har mumma. What is there to be badmine about? What more is coming more celine bags? You and chin need fi go buy a brain caz u nuh dunce and illiterate no f**k. All unuh care bout a name brand nothing more. All chin do a sell pussy fi name brand.

  10. WHEN Two Woman A Mad Unnu …. like Really Get a Life 0 Tolerance for You Guys ….. If Unnu Did Born Man Maybe Unnu Would a Rock LV Gucci and Celine Bag …. UNNU Nuh See A Transgender Wear GET You One

  11. That picture of the Celine bag is not Chin bag. That bag is taken of the internet. Chin don’t have a celine bag so she is looking a hype. Chin tired mumma come off a met wall with your f***ry.

  12. A The Person That Put It Up A Look Hype Off A Chin And Move Unnu Duty BBC … See What’s Unnu Don’t Know Leave It Alone That Why Unnu Life Cant Better…

    1. Ok, but why u can’t stop starting every word wid a capital letter. It take you from yessideh till now fi write di one paragraph.

  13. Chin we all know you don’t have a celine bag bout you a put up picture a people bag. You and your mumma love look hype. A gwan like man a spend pan you. Move your nasty BBC and go fix your life. Young gal like you a walk and f**k so and no man not claiming you.

  14. That Celine bag is taken off the internet I’ve seen the picture. Unu claim unu a hot gal weh born in name brand and a steal picture of internet as pass of as fi unuh. dat never inna it. Chin you and your mumma need fi go drown unuh brand frighten self.

  15. Anonymous and latty yuh can know di two a uuno a BFF and one or maybe both a uuno was f**ng Dave u guys are so advious it’s not even funny. Once a girl don’t like u, ur either ugly, stay bad look like man, or a sell pussy. If uuno did a sell pussy to this uuno hurt y’all as much. But it look like Dave stop buy uuno pussy suh uuno mad, lol. One thing wid chin, her mom make sure say she don’t in need of nothing. Y’all can say what y’all want to say. And the man up top who say he hear chin pon phone wid ur ooman, first of all get the f**k off jmg. And mi sure ur woman di a talk bout u eating her pussy also. And if the bag was taken off the internet as u say, then uuno shouldn’t sen in the story den, why uuno stay suh yow, smh. Uuno jus don’t want see ppl doing ok in like. Chin jus put up a pic on a plane she look like she have time if uuno, get y’all life,

  16. Chin post the bag on her Instagram and her mother post it on her what’s app and she be telling people Dave buy it for her but the same picture is on the internet that is all I said up top. What chin being on a plane have fi do with this story?

  17. That chic is a prosititute, her mom seems to condole her nasty lifestyle, they just regular chic’s weh man fuk & then dash dem oneside, have some self worth, and the girl not ugly

  18. Is chin posting a picture on a plane telling us she’s on her way to the next client? hope you get a Birkin bag this time. Dwrcl

  19. Nobarry ova yah nuh frighten fi plane, eberrybarry. Tek plane these days. Tell u bout u and u frighten mumma.

  20. A the mother pimp her out to the man them. Mi coulda have my daughter a go round a f**k so and me a post the bag and shoes them weh she f**k for on my page? The mother is disgusting, she is a poor excuse for a mother. Unuh life sad bad

  21. A DAT uno call muma? They both sell them soul to the devil fi vanity , its so sad , which man in dey right mind , gonna wife her? Repent before its too late

  22. Is a young little gal to and Dave is a more than 50 year old disease cocky man. She suppose to a look fi go college and educate herself but she choose fi sell pussy all for name brand. Dave will wife her, eat her and buy the bag because him don’t use to any better a pure low life him f**k. Never see him with a girl who in a proper job or who educated.

  23. She’s young n getting it no hate!! But chin u need fi give little attitude in u posing! U stand up like statue in u pics them too much n Mek them look boring! If I was your fren I would juk u wid a needle when u a pose

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