1. IDGAF where he used to live or where he lives now. When are you (sender and the other Man Clown Dem) gonna LEARN…

  2. All a dem man yah a look woman fi mine dem miss why would u pick up ur money Nd lend to a man who nah work u must be one a him gal Kmt why is he in the hospital @ anonymous 6:58

  3. 2 hundred dollars is a lot but not enough that you cannot move on. Suck it up and charge it to the game ma, these dancehall men ain’t nothing.

  4. Good night so why him big fat stay bad women lista no pay the people them money this big fat stay bad gal Dave this is disgusted and u have more a come,

  5. Dave u a real disgraced u need if stop but look pan the women u have in a house this big blue barrel the gal stay bad shape like a box go pay the women the money

  6. Dave came out the hospital and in Party already ,That BUM don’t have a care in the world ….Him need fi go look a work and stop thief and leech off women

  7. Mus cocky brain made you give the man your money mek him fool you to think you getting any of that back. Girl bye
    Hopefully you learn your lesson. Dem man yah nuh have ntn fi offer, Drop outta dem momma only fi look woman to mind dem and dat is all.

  8. Dave Lexus u fi stop suck pussy every gal u meet u start suck them pussy that’s why u and up in a the hospital Dave u mother never born u with ambitious when me see with that gal from the 90s I said hope petal left u Dave u see that gal look like a box she dont look good Dave how u suck the box pussy u Dave Lexus fine u self a job and stop suck pussy,

  9. That’s all DH men they borrow and beg women to maintain their fake lifestyle. Dave you’re getting old n have nothing. Women get smart n stop lending these low life niggas money. You’ll never get it back. Dem a thief.

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