1. Metty big up! Outfit is niceeeee my girl if u had wear a blk stocking u would a sell off but di stocking u have on clash with the top.

  2. Yall to bloodclat red eye, di girl wear har tings always proper and have up har money fi buy whey she want by, fly whey she want fly, red eye ago kill unno fi 2015, stop hating pon people tings and get a life unno must never have any thing fi send it….blah blah blah….

  3. bad mind stan up inna di senda. She always look good.an she always different. di look different. see somebaddie she dem couldn’t pull it off. she did tho. senda a naw critique di outfit at all

  4. Ah nuh she alone @ yea yeah, 50 percent of Jamaican in the u.s can only fly state to state so dat nuh mek it loh Di girl

  5. Yea Yhea it look like a you red eye, you look like a you send in the post stop bad mind and hate there’s a cure for that success try find it and chuck off big hole gal

  6. Tina I love the fact that you are different and take fashion risk. Everything not for everyone but it works for you, keep giving dem something to talk about.

  7. Sender yuh nuh mek nuh sense di girl look good it’s different and dats what’s fashion is all about. If a Rihanna wear it unnu woulda like it but tru a simple person wear it she’s a clown unnu fi gi Caesar what’s due . Tina I don’t know u but I will love to know where u got your fit from and di belt a shot seen it in BCBG di odda day

  8. But met this one fresh Tina man Pete is sexing off her daughter and dem say she know and she say she not leaving him cause is her only man that stick by her side !

  9. Mrs chi town mek mi tell you this mi have mi money so if my daughter sey suh mi lef pete long time so come good wid yuh mek up story ,and nuh dash nuh rumor Pon mi pickney .

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