Kim you are FAT. You are far from thick, you always wear black so you won’t look too big pon camera. But do picture man camera was too clear. Kim your a REAL BAD DRAG. Even your makeup is off. Your eyebrows are shaped HORRIBLY. My girl humble yourself you are far from the shift.

And Jody your face long bad and thank God you stopped bleach when you did because your skin would have been f**ked up. Jody the hair never fit you and the dress. You try soooo hard to look s*xy but it’s just not working, it’s never working. Both of unnu washed up and look old nuh blo***t. Your batty a little droopy. When that flash hit both of you…. boy di people can really see seh, unnu is NOT popping and both of you are washed up.

18 thoughts on “DEAR KIM AND JODI

  1. Don’t care for or know either of these waste gyals but sender you sound like a hater this bag of writing where’s the tea???

    1. There was no tea. All the sender was doing was showing how the picture man camera make them look bad.

  2. Kim fat but she’s prettier than Jody. Kim look okay up top to me. It’s not a secret that she’s heavy, im just happy she’s comfortable with her size and her self esteem seems up, up, up. We all can’t be a size 2, some of us have to stay fluffy fi di man dem that don’t want a stick. Jody is a lost case. I like their friendship though, they seem to genuinely enjoy each other friendship based on the pictures I’ve seen.

  3. Sender go find a man and leave the girl them. Kim might be a bigger than the normal size female but har body proportions matches her size. It’s not like she’s top heavy or knee dem knock bitch leave the gal alone and as for Jodi that’s just her character she’s outrageous but that’s ok because everyone wasnt made to be settled. I just can’t stand people who try their best to break others down. Jody honey just don’t do anything else to yourself mama leave room for changes what your body might make as you get older. Mi like dem sender f**k off..

  4. Not a thing do the girl up top, it’s ok to be “fluffy” as long as it doesn’t post any health risks. Anuh every man love mawga woman. The gal look good.

  5. Sender – Did you accidentally send in these “Good” pictures? Both look nice…and you… well YOU sound like a hater…did they take your man?

  6. I actually like Kim and I don’t know her person…mi spirit just tek har!!! Plus she knows how to throw it downnnnnn in the kitchen huntyyy!!!!

  7. Kmrt unu stop talk fukry unu fi see dem in person without all this damn make up then unu will top chat. Kim big like the big blue barrel u ketch water inna she look like a handicap so unu top chat. Jodie she now look like the honey nut bee inna the commercial so again unu top chat. She can throw it down off welfare and food stamp money it’s about time for douch ya go sidung them time will soon come any way enuff …

  8. Bad-Drag, new word of the year, Brenty wi owe u, everytime mi see it, mi memba u Trini Accent a cuss….prappa dunnings

  9. Sender sound like a hater leave the girl them r maybe u want there life go suck a dick a leave the gal them mon bloodclat

  10. I think the real shame about Kim is she out every night and don’t know if her kids in Jamaica is ok. Girl everyday they make a new designer outfit but time lost with your kids can never make up, as a big woman you need to get your life straight . Jody is just a waste of typo, she need to calm down with her newly renovated ass Jody the ass don’t cover up your hoeism. Kim with 5 kids you look nice but let all of them wear Gucci like you mama soon you gonna be a grandma settle down woman

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