Met i need some help please, someone rent out my friend house and they want to get them out but it was rented through a property management company so they don’t know how to find info on the property management company nor the names of the people living in the house,they don’t have permission to rent the place out, any advice on how to get them out, the property is in Florida.


  1. It is not clear how a “unknown” property management company can rent a property without the owner’s consent and how did the owner knows it was rented out by a Property Managment company and not know the name of the company.
    The owner could file a police report that some Unknown Tenants have occupied the property illegally and see if they can figure out the name of the Tenant(s) and file an eviction notice through the courts, after giving proper notice. The good thing about Florida, unlike places like New York, is that it is not a difficult or lengthy process to get someone evicted. A problem might arise if these Tenants have a “valid” lease from this Unknown Property Managment Company. The owner might need the services of a Florida Real Estate Attorney to get to the bottom of this.
    Sender, did the Owner collect any form of rent payment from this Unknown Property Managment Company? How did the Owner became aware of the fact that the property was rented through a Property Management Company? Maybe your friend should try to speak to the tenants and find out the name of the Company that rented the property, if that is indeed the case. Bottom line, get a Lawyer, since this doesn’t even make sense or you are unaware of the full story.

    1. Thorough!!!! :shakehand2
      Sender, me as a Landlord in NY can tell you, your job in getting them out in Florida is far easier than what we go through here……I would like to add to the above; you can get the tenants name by asking politely, stalking their mail or filing a report at the house location and having the officers garner the information.

    2. @Anonymous, well said. To piggy back on that, there’s a whole lot that doesn’t make sense from the sender. How did the property management company gain access to the property? Who handed over the keys and how were they aware that the rightful owners lived out of town and the property was unattended? Even if the tenants have a lease in place, it cannot be a valid lease as the property management company has no claim to the property. It’s tantamount to me selling you stolen goods. Even if you paid me for it, it wasn’t mine to sell to begin with, so you have no legal claim to the property.
      Any P.I. with an investigative software will provide you the names and details of every person dwelling in the property as the utilities must be activated in the person’s name and they must be receiving some kind of bills at the address. If the owner has anyone in Florida, you can simply open the mailbox and gain access to that information. However, do not remove any mail from the box.
      An eviction is a simple process as Anonymous has stated. First, you issue them a 3 day notice which they must respond to. The reasons for the eviction will be based on unlawful occupation of premises and no right to occupy. They will respond at which point you file for the eviction in the court which is a 30 day process. The judge will grant the eviction and the sheriff will offer 48 hours to vacate. If not, the door will be sealed, locks changed and you will be entitled to all properties left in the dwelling.
      There is missing information from your story but giving you the benefit of the doubt, it’s not a difficult process. I’ve rented properties here in Florida and am familiar with the landlord/tenant process. Simple situation.

  2. This no add up , for one if the home owner hired a real estate to do the renting for them they should have had the license and location of the real estate agent they dealt with. Two before those people rented the place the home owners interviewed them to make sure they were the right canidates for the place being rented. Don’t know bout the florida court system but court gonna be involved and all the information I mention gonna be needed in order to do court proceedings. Good luck

  3. What ah piece ah puzzlement wid di ghost ‘property management’ company. Yuh friend jus inherit di house :bingung cah yuh fren don’t seem fi knoe ah whole lot bout what ah gwaan wid it. As di blogger seh uppa top……seek a experienced real estate lawyer.

      1. Foxy, everybody dun know seh Quena is our resident realtor/landlord…Quena ah mi putus n’ she know dat :peluk …

    1. You know credible people….thanks for the nod.
      For the non believers all; all that speaky – de – que – speaky to say just what I said, I don’t work in Real Estate but I own a lot, proudly! Quena can get thm out the back door or the front….Creeme!

  4. property was inherited and another family member tried stealing property from the new owner that family member rented the property out and collecting rent, property just went through probate court and property has been turned over to rightful owner on paper but probate lawyer said that he don’t know how to get tenant out??

    1. Why didn’t you say that from the get go? The Probate Lawyer should have referred the new Owner to a Real Estate Attorney who knows his way around Real Estate matters.
      Sender, ask the Owner if she is willing to give the Tenants a some dollars ($1K-$2K) if they would voluntarily leave the property and don’t damage it. This is what the Banks do in Foreclosure cases. Sometime throwing money at the Tenants can get them out quickly without getting the Courts and Lawyers involve.

    2. Okay. Suh now dat yuh friend hab legal papers tell yuh fren fi use dem fi process di transfer of ownership inna fi dem name (if dat nuh duh already) and fi seek an experienced real estate attorney regarding giving di tenants notice. Probate attorney nuh hab nuh jurisdiction deh suh.

        1. Tell yuh fren nuffi guh deh guh introduce self nor ax di people dem weh dem name. Ah dat she ah guh pay di attorney fi tek care ah. BTW….tell yuh ‘fren’ seh she fi mek di check payable tuh Met :ngakak

    3. Yes, for piece of mind and to limit the run around. I would hire an attorney to serve paperwork. It was no fault of the tenants currently occupying so I also would treat them as human beings, be cordial in your approach, you will need to let them know to stop paying rent TO ANYONE as they will need to vacate your premises.

      1. Excellent advice about treating them with as human being and with respect. They can make the life of the Owner a living hell if they choose to play hardball. I made a comment before about the possibility of the Owner just paying them an dollar amount to leave. This works wonders since it offsets their moving cost and help with finding a new place.

        1. This is two completely different stories. Stop wasting your time with this liar of a sender. First it was unknown property management and unknown occupants, now it’s family member and probate court.
          Sender, guh find somebody else to antagonize cause clearly you’re bored and wish to terrorize these walls this morning.

    1. the person is a friend, when people trust their friend and relatives and they try to steal things out from under you it is really bad.

      1. Quit with your damn lies already…relatives trying to steal your friend’s property is an entirely different story from the bull crap you sent in initially.

        1. why would you say i am lying i am asking for advice not judgment, if you want to believe i am lying then that is on you, i still thank you for the other things you have already said and it is a great help.

  5. the person family was trying to steal the property from my friend, family member was given key to help my friend mother to go to hospital, my friend mother died,then them move in, fling out my friend mother’s personal things, furniture etc, then rent out the property.

    1. Understand where you are coming from, but you could have provided us the information without it being traceable to your friend. It is hard to offer advice with incomplete information or information that comes in bits and pieces. Can your friend afford an attorney after paying a probate lawyer? That is her best bet now, given that the occupants are dealing drugs from the property. Sometime, alerting the police to the fact that the tenants are dealers might get them out fast if they know the police is onto them. Good luck to your friend!

  6. I was to say something earlier but was too busy . People please when people submit them thing especially things like this where people have nothing to gain by submitting nuh badda pick through dem question and find fault and den say a lie. It nuh nice. It notice all when people come 100% honest people find a way fi say a lie. If unno can answer please do if so keep it moving thanks…

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