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I have a problem and I don’t want to seem crazy or off now I give the best advise but I don’t think I take it . Here I go , I met this guy and he married but him and the wife not together he says we been dating off and on for many years when he married I never messed with him for years we both went our separate ways but we still in the same state . Now I know the wife not on no friend level but hi and bye and she for the better part is a cool girl .
Now fast track last year around June me and the man start link up and sleep back together and I verified that him and his wife really nah deal , him and I go out and etc and he not hiding me or anything but come to find out he have this other girl of three years . This girl tek a piece a set pon me and nuh stop call me and all tek the man phone and the Lickle sexy pics I send him she we’ll send them to me .

Him tek god off the cross seh him and she nuh deh but tell me why would a women go thru that and they not together . Now me a hear seh him and the wife still a link but I don’t know should I go ask the wife ? I don’t really want know trouble but him and I together before the wife way Before and she knows I used to date him but to go to her now and say well we back together it a go look away don’t ? I mean I care for this man I just don’t know what to do cause him suh ras lie at times ! Miami man is some wicked set but I feel somewhat comfortable with him but I just don’t want know drama and he has tales of it , but he says he changed .

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  1. Dear Sender, This man is not in love with you, If he has a woman that is calling you and sending pictures out of HIS phone that you sent him, Sorry but it doesn’t take a brain scientist to know that this man does not love you. The signs are already there, leave this man alone, You are worth more than just being a side chick, Talk to the wife? For what sender? Do you understand that when two people are committed under the sight of God they are one! If they are not divorce, Bad blessings follow you, Your life will be a living hell leave the wife man alone! You don’t think if this man did want you he would have married you instead? Senda in a nutshell, Go find some self-esteem and find someone who will love you and not cheat on you, This man needs to go back to his wife. I hope this helps.

  2. Senda u did a slap di ooman man an all a hail ar same way? A wah beat u fi dah outta orderness deh. Clearly this man is up to no good and should u go an ask the wife what…if she box u right dung a wouldn’t blame ar. Lef di ol crasses and gwaan while u still have some dignity.

  3. cut your loses he is obviously playing you, their is no reason why the woman would have access to his phone to get your pics and send them back to you if their not together furthermore no sensible woman is going to pick up and call you and cuss you over a man if they are not involved and he is not telling her another story about you. People lie to GOD everyday why you think they are going be truthful to you…Cut him off and move on don’t get caught up in anything with any of his other woman and make yourself look like fool.

  4. If the man live on his own and have his own place don’t worry about it sender,just ask him nutten nuh wrong with asking him if there is anything.Reason why I say this is because I have a few family members and male friends that is not with the “wife” that gave them status and still married on paper but living separate lives.

  5. Is the first time mi notice seh the person in the pic have one black arm/hand and one brown arm/

  6. If u gi guh ask di wife? Lady u nuh need nuh advice, u need a clap upside u head mek u find uself again!! Caz if u nuh see seh dah man a usah wid a cap U, dats all u need. Get uself togeddah,anuh only Miami man deh. If having a man is dat important, go outside a Minami guh find uself a man,but u fuss need to wuk pan uself b4 u get innah any other relationship, spent some time and love pan uself and leff out man fi now, especially this yah one u writing bout. Sometimes women get too complacent and comfortable wid “the usual” even though at time di usual a mess up dem lives, di is you lady, cut him off, change u number, move and guh get some help from u close friends and family with working on uself, if u nuh hab none, ain’t nuttn rang wid some outside help, leff di man.

  7. I’m the sender and it’s not like that ! I’m not saying he is telling the truth but he said he went there to pick up sometinh back as they dated for couple years . Yes he cheated on his wife but I was never his bed mate because I had a man i between the time and no I don’t think he married for papers as they married for love and had kids and yes I would see his wife and say hi not to be disrespectful but because I was with her husband before she even knew him . He tell me she don’t want to do the divorce and they don’t live together , the ex girfriend was the mistress im nobody mistress

    1. Sender, if yuh want good advice, you have to send along a picture of yourself and your vital statitics, otherwise the advice won’t be so good.

      Listen, buddy have fi share and a lot of women are in the buddy sharing thing. There are not a lot of “good” men out there, some women have to be content sharing one man among themselves or they get no sex fi years or go to bed lonely every night. Just content with sharing the man and stop worry about the other women he might be f**king out there. The other solution is to f**k him 7 days a week, three times a night, then he won’t have any energy to stray.

  8. No ifs ands nor buts the man is a player, he’ll play u as long as u allow him to. he’s not the only fish in the sea.

  9. Miami so called angel,the ras bingy f**k all Weh him nu see,u did know him a f**k whytgurl juxy baby mother?

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