Can someone please confirm if one of the ladies who died in LA in the car crash was ”Tricia” from Boston?


  1. That’s what they said Sasha Gibson R.I.P to her.She leaves behind 2 young children on this mother’s day SMH..
    Tracey Champion mother Satta was also in the accident and Big Paula from Wi Jammin restaurant L.A police say they going to do a thorough investigation and charges could be filed against the passengers as the accident is Road rage witnesses said. The car the women were driving in was in some road rage incident with a Taxi reportedly hit the taxi and feets away go run in other car,Trees and wall and Kill Trish +3 other occupants injured..This wisen me up to always have on my seat belt even if I am a backseat passenger, pay attention to the drivers alcohol consumption so many times our lives are in other people hands it’s such a sad unfortunate incident.

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