1. Happiness is an elusion fi Debbie. it’s like the first high that drug addicts get, they keep searching for it but never again.

  2. I saw Debbie’s exclusive birthday party and that’s when I seen this new young man that’s is in her life… I don’t really know this woman and when I first seen her on videos she was with the other guy and then I start to see them go out separately and then soon after I seen him with other woman, so I know it was officially done… What does this woman do for a living, she must be well off because I do not see any reason why this young man would want such a older woman, you can see it in her face, it doesn’t matter how the makeup is applied so well, you still see she has some age pon her… So Debbie you must be taking care of this young man but at her birthday party the young man was very attentive to Debbie and she was loving herself on her special night… Come in JA ans come talk the tings dem mek everyone know wah gwaan! But if she is truly happy then that’s good for her, young man she want and she can get more power for her…

  3. @Ocean as a young man weh love big woman n is not abt sweets as mi work fi mine,Debbie can get it. For some yyoung men grown n still sexy is a turn on. Its not always abt sweets though rarely these days.

  4. Waaaaaiiiiitttt a minute is this scammer rolex weh drive the yellow looking car? This Debbie has a clothing store and drives a bmw? Cause met if a she hes only using her. This guy is with every and anything that has a split between their legs. Him tell everybody say a him old woman and she’s rich and she makes sure him good, him always a pose up inna di oman things dem. I pray its not him shes too nice for him. Although she looks content.

  5. @HeavyD your right and you have a point for some grown and sexy woman is a turn on for some and for the others grown and sexy woman are a come up for them and that’s reality both ways…

  6. Debbie is not rich she got deep psychological problem because her dad walk out on her mom and her sisters and brothers, she’s deeply disturbed cannot even read and needs help, I could type the whole year you won’t understand, she needs to stop and look after her kids and grandchild that she hates so much, her mom and entire family still lives in the ghetto , suffering, if those boys knew the truth they run, if a woman got to prostitute herself to mine not one man but all 3 at a time she’s mentally sick, and it’s no joke, ask ramone from Canada, the little young buoy before GQ , woman mine one man not 3 Debbie needs help everything is just a front

  7. Don’t knw her personally but when every I’m in Ja I always Admire her sense of fashion at party’s be happy my girl i would say this is a upgrade from the next one cause him look mashup now a days to me

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