1. Di way how shi glad shi ah grab di ring outta him hand, damn yuh wait 12 years fi get it 12 more seconds nuh mek ah difference!!!

  2. Dancehall people is something else, this in no shape or form look as if this was a baby shower. People wid real money and class does not put on this garish display, but then again you cannot buy class. Anyhow double congrats on both the impending birth and marriage.

    1. Sweet yuh right somewhat yes but mi naw lie when mi see the pics mi say at least it nuh look the typical “dance/shower” that dancehall ppl usually kipp. Lol. It look like it was well planned cause I was even saying it look like is Wendy planned it. It wasn’t too many ppl based on the pics. But mi go watch the video now and see what a gwaan. Dwll. Sweeeeeeetttt. How u do darling. Mi see yuh peeping in and dashing back out. Lol. Happy Thursday hon. Enjoy.

  3. Mamacita, what’s going on, long time we no break bread. Veteran Waller we no leave the wall :peluk sometime me comment, and sometime me cannot be bothered. Because these people too over the top for fimi taste.

  4. dem old man love tek gal pickney from dem young. him tek her from she a 18 which means she neva have no life cus a him respond fi that. trust me when me tell yuh. my husband tek me from me a 18 too and all now me cah shake him off. and me a 30 with 2 a him pickney dem. love my kids and husband but damn. hope is not a bad person who likes to cheat cus that shit will get messes after a while.hope dem life a good up life.

  5. Deckdeck the biggest fake and poppy show come to town teefing deckdeck you end must bitter real clown.

  6. The kids tax money help fund the new baby’s shower/engagement party chileee please sharing is caring..I guess

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