Jamaican pleads guilty to Lottery Scam charges in Montana

Jamaican national Delano Martelos St. Machael McKenzie pleaded guilty on Wednesday in Helena, for posing as an IRS agent in an attempt to collect funds for a bogus lottery winner. The Jamaican received a five-year deferred sentence to the Montana Department of Corrections, avoiding a maximum 10-year jail sentence. According to, the Jamaican is accused of posing as an IRS agent and then flying to the Montana, where officers used an undercover wire with the initials F.C. McKenzie then accepted what he believed to be $10,000 in tax money related to a lottery win. According to court documents, F.C. had previously met with a woman claiming to be the lottery agent, paying out at least $20,000 in cash. This money according to the report, was supposed to be for fees and taxes for lottery winnings. The victim had apparently taken out a loan from the bank to pay the debts, in order to someday receive winnings in excess of $2.5 million dollars and a 2014 Buick Lacrosse. Police investigators in Helena who had been working on the case since November of last year arrested the Jamaican at the Helena Regional Airport.on January 9, 2014 and when he appeared in Court the next day, his passport was seized. The former St. Jago High student waived his extradition to Nevada where he is also facing lottery scam charges on a no-bond warrant in Las Vegas County.

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  1. Mek dis be a warning to di undocumented scammers dem….scamming nuh pay, long run short ketch. Missa sar wid di long tall-up name, yuh betta tenk God fi yuh granny weh pray fi yuh….cah plenty man and ooman woulda luv fi hear “5-year deferred sentence.” :travel

  2. Serve him right. Too hype n gwaan like him unstoppable. The way him hype me never think a ja visa him have me think boy have greencard r american blue book. Anyways yuh maybe deh the right place because a batty a yuh fren.

  3. Him too red yeye, mi neva understand how dem want life suh easy and feel like there is no repercussion. Prison time should be no prob. him will fit right in being a few inmates bitch.

  4. Met my phone was acting up earlier. I meant to say that Macka & Romeodigreatone need to use sleep mark death. Look at what has befallen their counterpart.

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