A 16-year-old mentally ill boy had to recently seek medical attention after he was allegedly buggered by a man in Waugh Hill, St Catherine.
The harrowing incident took place on June 2, some time before 5:30 p.m.
The teen’s father, a farmer, said he was in his hut when his oldest son came to him with his brother and recounted the horrific ordeal.
“I saw the older one running with the younger one. The younger one was raped in an abandoned building,” the father explained.
He said his oldest son told the teenager to take off his pants so that he could see if he had been molested. He said that what he saw was damage done to his son’s anus. “I was so frightened,” the father said.
The father said that his son had to be rescued by another relative, who claimed to have heard moaning and groaning and who used a piece of board to hit the man off the teenager.
The perpetrator of the heinous act, was known to the community as a troublemaker and at the time of the incident, was set upon and beaten by an angry mob before fleeing the area.
The fathr claimed that the man was also responsible for robberies and the molestation of animals in that community. Days after the incident it is said that the 16-year-old was taken in for medical attention at a clinic along Slipe Pen Road in Kingston.
Meanwhile, head of the Centre for Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse, Deputy Superintendent Veronica Gilzene, said she was unable to comment on the matter due to its sensitive nature.


  1. Good morning Met and Metters,
    Mek mi first state dat mi nuh like ‘dem bwoy deh’ none at all, but di first ting whey come to mi mine is ‘ah wonda if is a classic case whey when dem get ketch, dem cry rape’?
    Nuff girls when dem parents/family ketch dem inna di act, chue dem waan act all innocent dem cry fi rape, when is dem consent to it. #justwondering

    1. good morning, what do you mean? the article says the child has mental problems so what did he consent to?

      1. The article also state that the boy is a trouble maker in the area and was molesting animals, so he pick on the mental ill pickney.

      2. My most sincere apologies Met,
        Just went and reread the article and had to read it a third time…. Didn’t see the mentally ill part
        Had I seen it, then my take would have been different. I apologise

      3. yes met and the man is obviously a disgusting person he was also buggering animals…………but miss Carolyn Gomez love to state that victims should not be protected only the criminals …..and the community is cruel when they beat them to death….these ppl give up their life everyday and kill the soul of innocent persons….this is not a case where any of these ppl are defending a daughter …who is acting wild…and covering up ….now here is a killer of souls and this thing is not dealt with ……the same jfj start the claim that police are killing innocent ppl….I do know that police have killed many men but I am sure 95 percent were not innocent..jff is behaving outside of their role …they are not the governmen t

  2. Hurray, hurray Portia Simpson Miller who made promises to repel he buggery law now batty man feel dem have the right fi carry out dem deeds. A want hold har ee see with piece a electric cord and choke out har bbc

  3. It’s only a pity say dat when de angry mob wey beat him never done him bloodclaat. Problem solved. De article say “that the perpretrator was a troublemaker”. Yow, from a one can’t live in peace wid others, then a one Rest In Peace then. A so mi seet.

  4. Good people, keep ah very close eye on your children and talk to them about the evils that lurk our societies and what to do if ever approached…that is the best that we can do, ca tingz ah get outta control now smmfh!!!!!

  5. Morning, well Pandora’s box is open, and their is no way to close it. These pedophile rapist have nothing to fear. As there are no consequences. I do not blame certain African nations for there seemingly draconian laws, life in prison and some nations death. Trust me these laws are a deterrent. But Jamaica a tun bakka America the great harlot Babylon. Something has to be done before it’s too late.

  6. Yuh see wah tolerance has caused us??!! dem a turn on our brothers, husbands, son, all d mentally ill dem start molest, dem a impose dem nastiness pan ppl weh a resist dem, and weh against dem dutty lifestyle, instead of sticking to dem own kind, them a infest the place, and a fling dem dutty self pan ppl against dem will, because the powers that be nah enforce d laws, if dem did a get arrested when caught and hang by dem damn hood then dis effing nightmare would an disappear long time, instead its fast becoming an epidemic!

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