1. I don’t blame the man one bit.I should have done the same thing to my batta foot babymother child would have been better off now.

  2. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others…..

    I saw the pics nd see ntn wrong wid how she take the many pics with dem, after all she doesn’t knw dem is har man social media famous so she is showing back love cuz dem know her through watching him..Keep taking pics dat way cuz most a dem a look smaddy fi hold up,touch or put dem dirty lips pon.

    Congrats on being number 1 on Itunes as well trabass nd Deannee keep yuh hands in front yuh yes.

  3. Yow Veniece, oops, mi mean Satan Bodyguard, you and Color fe mek de child’s birth Madda have some form a communication wid har son, man. All de ooman want to do is to tell her son Happy Birthday, wah wrong wid dat? By de sound of it, She nuh want Color, because him a de one who wear de skirt inna de marriage, and a yu wear de pants. Satan Bodyguard, yu fe mek de ooman at least talk to har son, man. Yu too bloodcleet wicked!

  4. This lady is gearing her anger towards the man wife, and why is that so ? Second you saying you did not asked for your son to be petitioned for but you must have given consent for him to leave ? Kmt yes they are wrong for isolating you from your child. I could see why you look like the type a mumma weh will tell the pickney fi rude to the step mada and question the pickney bout house affairs. Stop classing the man wife tek up beef wid the father and lowe the woman.
    Now look how yuh come on social media a style the woman who still has to be there taking care of yuh child eehhh.

    1. So u can look pin di woman n tell wat she would do some a unnu is really Satan bodyguard eno can u imagine the child’s shock and pain of being separated from his mom for 2 years? Ahhhh boy the woman consent yes cause she think she’s doing good for him but to cut her off two years not even a call that baby fadda n Satan toe nail WICKEDDDDD BADDDDDDD

  5. Listen a nuff woman mi kn having this problems with wives them evil them think if the woman a talk to the man them affi kn bout it ALL THE TIME

  6. Morning to all, the lady a cuss because the wife hang up on her n all she want is to say HB, them wicked to ar she need a relationship With her son she’s hurting I felt her pain as a mother. Its nice of them to take the child for a better life but who knows what that poor boy feeling inside to be pull from his mom n no contact. God help them all

  7. Anyone agree that it’s ok for this lady to have no contact with her child is heartless. I pray that one day you all don’t experience the same, if it should happen I hope someone has compassion for you.

  8. It doesn’t really matter how filing went down u dont keep a chilld from their mother, she grew him for 7 years she loves him. People are looking at her and assuming what she does, how ???? Stop stereotyping people. He ignores her calls and the wife blatantly hangs up, they clearly trying to shake her. I would be mad at the wife too cuz ur the other half condoning the slackness i bet if she advises him to do better he would do it. Can just imagine all the things they tell the child about his mother, he probably already hates her for life. SMH stop playing with children’s lives thinking that it doesn’t affect them beacuse it does !!

  9. Whole time me a watch me wa write her on Facebook
    And ask her for dutty Veniece number like seriously
    Somebody need to reach out and help her I feel bad for her
    I know wives like Venice insecure and bitter !
    Clearly is Venice file for the man and the man wanted his
    Son as well maybe he had the convo wid homegirl and
    She say alright he probably tricked her to get the kid
    And then go a forrin go chat bad bout the baby mother
    To Venice because it don’t make no sense why they would want
    To keep the child away from her and the man doesn’t
    Have a backbone that a straight wickedness when me done
    Call VENIECE u see smh

  10. When you carry a CHILD for nine months and feel the pain of bringing them on this earth, It HARD for you to sit back and not in contact with the child regardless you gave them an opportunity for a better life, This is so sad and I felt every pain that is coming from this lady. I pray that God will grant her a Visa so she can go and see her child, this is blatant wickedness to the fullest and to that Satan Body Guard, You lucky I am not this lady relative because ANY way you dah in a farrin, I would find you and beat every single strand of your hair off your head and go prison, this is just EVIL and the child father need someone box out him teeth. I pray the father and the step evil mumma is not abusing this child! Because for someone to not wanting a Kid to talk to their OWN birth parent SOMETHING is going on in that household that they don’t want the child to tell His mom. YOW, Me Belly bottom a burn me for this Lady.

  11. @11:28…as i said before and you now prove it in your reply , you is one dunce , heartless ignorant bit%$#%…over and out!

  12. @12:29.. i am with you because i know of many situation like this and yes the poor child suffering inside for not seeing or hearing from his or her mother . Some of these step mothers a the worst a pray the girl get a visa and come up yah cum teck wey the child or something .

  13. Wonder if she could bring her case to the American embassy. Or ask one of her relatives to get child services involved on the basis that they are denying her access to the child. In the US system a great amount of right is even to the birth mom, even those women who give up their kids for adoption still have rights. Once ahw never sign that she is giving up the rights to her child she can claim it was an international child abduxtion . poor woman….dont have right people in her corner.

  14. @ Anonymous 1:23 and 1:28, you are nothing more than a keyboard warrior, that’s what you are. Tru mi say dat Veniece wrong fe not let de birth madda see her son, yu ready fe come say whatever. Mi naw tek back me talk bitch, she wrong! Pussy -ole, you are a demon who is NOT going to win today. Read de comments yu dogshitter, and you will see how many people a say de same ting wey me say. Both you and Veniece a de Devil’s bodyguard. Imagine I did nothing to you, and your ignorance made it to this website. You are nothing more than a miserable human being. Middle fingers to you, you fuqqing germs!

  15. A wah loou babyfada yuh have lady cause him have all di powa fi Mek yuh talk to di baby… anyway sumting missing from di story but dat still Nuh give dem Nuh right fi Nuh Mek yuh say even happy birthday… She too good man an she have kids tuh…. But mi luv when yuh married man. yuh licence to him a Ur property yuh say or do if him fi get lease.

  16. My prayers are with you ma’am, I hope this matter gets resolved soon. Bless up yuhself an like a blogger seh up top, reach out to de embassy. You still have parental rights. Peace and blessings unto you.

    This is hurtful.

  17. People a talk bout she must know seh them a file fi the little bowy.. she nuh must know if uno know anything bout filing. If the wife file fi the man, all the man has to do when the filing come tru is put the likkle boy pan the filing n pay the visa fee. So the woman no must know. The ditty man n him nasty wife too wicked. Poor baby could a want him madda, but nothing last forever. Him ago get big n come home to him madda. A just time,hold it muma, me feel it as a madda.

  18. 10:48am- if she is in jamaica and the father is in the US or else where that need visa there is no way she didn’t know, the person who file fi the man afi file fi the child!!!!and filing a no 1-2-3, it will tek at least 9months. who took the kid to embassy a Jamaica? and the mother no know and she live there?!?!!?, don’t get me wrong what the wife doing is wrong, but the mother story have holes too.

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