8 thoughts on “DEM HOLD ONE A DEM TODEH

  1. So me know social media is the devil…this happen in front of my house, the man is not a rapist..him rob a woman n dem ketch him and beat…the man don’t drive no taxi or kidnap or rape nobody…is a petty thief get caught..I’m starting to believe a lot of these stories are rumors, cause if I didn’t witness this one, me wudda believe the headlines too..smh

    1. Wha mek you conclude that him only sin is being a thief?

      Him get beating fi pass, present crimes and thoughts of committing future crimes :hammer

      1. never said that was his only crime, but the headline in that particular situation is false. Him deserve the beating yes, but he didn’t try and kidnap or rape anybody(at that particular moment), I don’t know abt him pass still. But I’m not gonna fabricate any story just to make it seem more interested.

  2. @sigh, i cant stand these ppl on social media they dont try to find out the truth before they run wid stories @met i know someone sent the story to u so u wouldnt have known but these ppl r so wicked a tell u

  3. what exactly defines a petty thief…is it the value of what is stolen when caught or what? Cause thief a thief inna my book. What petty to you might be all that person he stole it from have in this world.

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