Met this is,di bwoy weh dem seh rape and chop up di likkle girl..met mi heart heavy mi scared fi have kids cause tings like dis



  1. Poopah jesaz.. Look how the boy handsome.Look even like him have big hood innah him pant.week big woman would want. How him allow satan fi get a ole pon him so early in the mawning.. The boy look good innah him clothes. Why??? Was it juggggsss? Weh kine??? You want tell me seh you don’t have a woman up in dem heap a bush and hills and your not bad looking.. Why, wth har maddah duh yu. How you fi phantasize pon a 3 year old child to the point of rape and murder. You use to hide and murdah dawg all the while dont??

  2. The fact this dog vomit feels comfortable enuff to take this picture speaks volumes to his mindset.No normal God fearing person wouldn’t feel comfortable doing this.Life means nothing to him.
    Sure hope he gets what’s coming to him.Condolences to the family .Can’t even say sleep in peace baby girl because you died a violent death but God see and know.

  3. I Do not agree with his brother bringing him in to the cops. In countries like Japan,Pakistan n Iran there is a thing called honour killing when u bring shame n disgrace to the family.

    Death before Dishonour.We strongly condemned the sexual abuse n violence against our women n children!!

  4. Heineken u nuh kno she all when Dem married an have the prettiest woman, Dem how much kids some a Dem ole germs yah still fantasize bout kids, batty an odda ppl woman??? Dem will get up outta Dem bed from beside Dem woman an go rape an kill odda woman, Mi si it too often in this world Dem sick.

  5. Just looking at him how him so comfortable in front of the casket, like him plan to do that evil act against this baby… Jus t like one metter said you couldn’t find no woman up deh were you live to be with this is crazy, the man is very, very sick and if he did that to that baby he needs to burn and quick..

  6. This is beyond disturbing … He don’t even look like he could do something like this… That is why they say looks R deceiving … Poor baby … Her name stuck inna my head … Just can’t imagine what she went tru dealing with this man up top… How can u rape a baby??? And chop Her up !!! May God have mercy on his soul and have mercy on us all!!! The world has gone crazy ! People dying everywhere … Every day someting horrible happens all over the world … We all need to seek God cause I don’t think things R gonna get better … Only worst … Prophecy have to fulfill … It’s is all in the bible … We living in the last days… Rip Baby Girl

  7. And a next thing too I believe a lot of people r possessed with demons and it’s every where, right here in America, Jamacia, Trinidad, Mexico and all over the world … Resulting in these heinous acts … i was walking in NYC the other day and this man passing me just start make this funny noise … Just like someone weh possessed or mad … Me just grab my child and move from out him way … We need fi start pray even more now for God’s protection cause them things here weh a go on Pon earth is not normal….

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