Ah wah Skay do you mek you hot fi har and ah Tek set pon her suh? Fi mi get up and call gal name or war wit gal on di internet and nuh do noting mi really ah waste mi precious time!Everyday you ah trow wud pon her and ting yuh hate strong EHH remember you have gal Pitney stop hold grudge QQ it don’t look good!


5 thoughts on “DEM NUH TIRED A DI WAR?

  1. Facebook was on fire this past week…but it’s foolishness so mi nah tell di people dem story…sender….is that you S Kay? Yuh nuh feel comfortable unless yuh have current story pan pink wall don’t?

  2. Skay is garbage nobody like her dumb ass…..gwan like she gotta than ppl, and a struggle she a struggle,

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