Mi buck up two comments and copy and paste dem here.The person cannot spell suh gud but uno mus have an idea what him a seh

I will say it just as how i see it the f***y nah go stop until livup get weh him a look fah or better yet until some of these youths are being kill by the police dem self youths stop move like u guys are not wise ok. if the real big man was not in prison all of this bullsh*t would not ave being taking place at all the place would be in order. u all know tht i am telling u the truth life is too short we all too young to be killing of our self ok .bulla man an cat fish an so many of these youth dieing even the youth weh dem kill thru block up a part way in his yard. rude bowy weh àll of this war ting a come from fi real mi wan kn. TG is a place weh every body use to like an love so much an an now is its a place of sadness war an bagga f***y .i use to rate the man dem of TG now i dnt. livup u bring a man fi help u run the place an now the man tek over ur own place an control ur boys dem. pree the ting livup ur brother is a better an wiser man than u, u cnt run TG at all stick to music an wat u do best ok sir. ppl will say tht i am a p**y whole hummm but hear wat wen i speak i speak of wat i see is going on around me an my lil place call jam down tht i love so much an every body else who cares abt our country


U will speak ur mind an many ppl will hate u or better yet they will want to kill u for tht i am not a supporter of any YG at all. i am supporter of fada god becuz a him a my don an my big man who wake me up at morning time who give me life whiçh is one of the greatess gift on earth. so u see the war weh a gwaan dnt really mek it yuh see a friend a kill friend these youths grow up playing foot ball together going to even the same school together i remember before the police dem did f**k up the place it was one order one link we all know tht so is livup an these other ppl a fight fi run the place. come now livup u keep one of the biggest shows now a year time since ur brother got lock away rite an its like u dnt see tht all u di is drive fear in the ppl of west Kingston. an i see other top man say they dnt want any war i agree as a selector u speak ur mind an u speak wats happen around u an i dnt like wat i am seeing u call ur self a don but yet u a mek some wrong choices some wrong move too even the other side u guys need fi stop kill ppl weh dnt into the war . weh u guys say a fight boy die woman die kids fraid to walk on the road fraid to even go out an play. school a open bck soon weh u guys place to war same way tell from wat u expect to gain from this war? Has this war help u in any way at it put a dollor less or more into any one u guys pocket? stop all of this f**y mi nah sey wen bowy fi get dem no fi get eno but come on now the west is a place of joy ab business no money cnt mek wen f***y a gwaan u dnt see the mp dnt even come link enuh at all. All dem do sit bck an do nothing but talk a bagga bullsh*t an wen the time comes for voting dem come bout how my ppl. my ppl u ppl need to f***g wise up now look pon 2010 look hw much lifes were lost wat u see come out of it no money in this world cn bring bck ur frenz ur family lifes who ave being lost member tht.


  1. Dem should a did murder him a Horizon! Dat ole man a try fi continue wha DEAD!

    Nigga, me know yu ova yah cause yu love attention. Lo de Bumboclaat youth dem mek dem live! You family criminal reign dead and you live beyond you time. Likkle youth dem fi murder you and you people dem…trust and believe courthouse wouldn’t see them :travel

    The life force of that baby ago collect it dues from yu, shortly.

    1. Shut yu phuck! Social media no call fi paragraphs. Self-righteous ass too damn lazy fe read something simple.

      Met clearly stated that it nu written in standard form :nerd guess you weren’t trained to read and comprehend without paragraphs, first and last time me check a alphabets form words and convey written messages NOT paragraphs :ngakak

      1. Thank you, lol. The next thing, if you come from Jamaica and can read Patois you can figure out what the person wrote without punctuation and met clearly said the person cannot spell so good :ngakak

  2. It was a hard read. But I get what the author is saying. The war must stop!!! Jamaica is such a wonderful place. But it’s the people of the land that is destroying our little but Yet so Big Island.

  3. Anon 10:57 stfu if u have a lil ounce a intelligence in a u you would a comprehend what the writer is saying…doesn’t take a rocket scientist fi really kno what’s been said.

  4. I like how 1 of the senders said “if the real big man was not in prison all of this bullsh*t would not ave being taking place at all” as if Dudus was the epitome of peace & order. But the sender is right, it would not be taking place because the Cokes would be in control, therefore his brother, Livity, would not need to be on a rampage. That’s all that is. I can remember a time when the “real big man was here” & Livity bypassed him & sent his men out & killed several police officers in one day. I said it recently that if the police ever ease up off him even a little he will organise a bloodbath. Kmt at this blood thirsty family & all other people like them.

  5. Livity is taking the community by force and bad-man-ism, the mass does not have that undying love as the did for Dudus. West kingston can never have donship as they did before in this 2016 but he still wants to be the man.

  6. Yo mind how yuh a use mi ‘wall of text’ line. But seriously still.

    A 30+ years I man a watch the garrison life in Jamaica blow up BIG TIME. The garrison population kinda crazy down ya, just that you don’t have the stats available for all to see.

    With no jobs and poor education, garrisons breed and harbor anger and cruelty. Mix that with a gun culture and it TUN UP.

    The problem is, that Garrison life is just pure f***y. Its ruled by a gun culture, fear and intimidation.

    Unless you change the culture, or destroy the Garrisons, it will continue forever. Sounds harsh but a reality.

    Check Brazil murder rate and di Favelas. Same thing a gwaan a yaard but a little milder. One day a deh so it ago reach.

  7. Anonymous on August 25, 2016 at 12:22 pm Lazy a$$. I bet if it was a mix up u would have read and understand it. Sick Stomach. I understand what the reader saying. Every dog have him day. An the dumb dumb who wan give them life fi him when dem a seek him out gl.

  8. Listen this system was set in place long b4 u n I real talk u don’t think if the government don’t want any don in ja r any where in the world u think there would b any come on man real issues is give equal opportunity to everyone n the society can b way better

  9. we haven’t seen the last of it or the end of it either! don’t overlook denham town and where that community falls in the equation too! ever since that “beloved” don from tivoli got extradited it left that power vacum and there are elements in denham town who strongly believe, and people in that community who share the same sentiment that the reigns of west kingston should be back in the hands of a figure from that community(given the last was claudius mossop), there is also a power struggle from that end, also don’t overlook outside forces playing fiddle, once again note the timing of all this fiasco, one must not only focus squarely on the individual mentioned above and his power-hungry intent, all this flare up is happening right at the moment when topic of compensation is on the table for tivoli, I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again, there is no intention of compensating or there is no money to compenste them because those fat-cat lawyers run off with the initial funds and this current fiscally sensitive, image oriented, conduct-driven government have no intention of burdening the jamaican tax payers with tivoli compensation bill, not when their bigger obligation is to make good on that farce campaign promise and see it trickle before the next election.

    1. F**k what dem mentally f**Ked up, uncivilized 1% of the population want. The 99% want dem to fall in line with law and order or dem can migrate or die off.

  10. Friggry nah stop. Murder will never stop. War and violence excite people. It’s the only thing they know. Is badness alone dem respect. Look at Kartel? Makes no difference if he’s a murderer, that’s who dem love. If is not Livity is another bad man. Badman affi control bad people. Yuh can’t let dem lose pon normal citizens.

    Between the crime, unemployment, poverty, lack of opportunities and nuff weaponry, it nah end. Politicians nuh want it end because all sheep must have a shepherd. People are followers, so somebody bad must lead dem.

    Nuttin can’t change it. Is a part of the culture suh stop beat up oonuh gum.

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