19 thoughts on “DEM SEH ANEKA BREEDING?

  1. Aneka can get IT every which way from Sunday to Saturday. ..just have to walk with extra boots that’s all.

  2. Den Denyque naah breed tuh!?! What a lala pappi show. She mus breed fi spite di girl ova har husband. Damn wretch

      1. She drop har guard n breed on purposes, since they were going raw,she should have doubled up the protection since she know di wife pregnant…..but guess not,she want more pon toppa what she a get. Hope wifey mek him cut di allowance in half, or Aneka have more talk, dunno? just surmising.

        Aneka get store, wifey what u have? shares in the cafe? cant be your half dead career or that driving car for free promo. Mek BIG demands now wifey. You legal and baby on di way

  3. Mi just nuh kno how some woman do it…man ago do a thing from time to time but go raw with like all she doe. Like as a wife….how u feel??? U mus fraid when u go a Gyn…talk truth

  4. She is not breeding ..her belly just big ,saw her at nailtech the other day and realize that she has big belly and flat ass

  5. How she cah post a crowd inna her store?? The way she did a behave , didnt kn she was gonna sell China shoes

  6. Why the girl belly cyaan just big? I mean, come on now, she nyam enough. All those Popeye’s meals and Terrace meals eventually aguh start show. Looool.

  7. These stories are sooooo juicy, just not sure if they have any merits.

    Apparently this is the place haters go and make anonymous posts about gal dem hate even ppl they never met b4..

    Push through Aneka finally you use your “front ” for something useful. If you gonna be a hoe be a hoe with assets, money,, house/ apt and a shit load of other things that have value that you can sell when the “front” doneout. lol lol

    I prefer go back to God as a NUN b4 i be a hoe…. worst a broke hoe

    mi pussyy…. these young gals these days..
    I weak !!!!

  8. The gal belly just big like most of the ppl here chatting shit.

    Big belly was/is a thing not everyone can afford to nip n tuck them body…

    But the way how Aneka she bad $$$$ should NEVER be her issue in life.. F**k for a cause not just because,…

    Hit the gym Aneka or nip n tuck that belly.. the people dem watching lol lol lol

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