Voodoo gunman
Jamaica’s Most Wanted ‘Duppy Flim’ said steeped in obeah, also wanted in Haiti

Jamaica’s most wanted man is deeply involved in the practice of voodoo, witchcraft and obeah and has made many trips by speedboat to the French-speaking Caribbean island of Haiti, a retired police officer has told the Jamaica Observer.

Marlon Perry, otherwise called ‘Duppy Flim’ (also referred to as Duppy Film), is one of the key players in the drugs for guns trade between Jamaica and Haiti, local police have confirmed. But the native of Western St Thomas is also wanted by police in Haiti for murder, the

Sunday Observer has learnt. However, the Jamaica Constabulary Force High Command said that it was unable to verify this.

“Yes, we have information that he is heavily involved in voodoo,” stated Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of crime Glenmore Hinds.
Perry has eluded Jamaica’s security forces since the December 22 killing of two policemen in the community of Poor Man’s Corner, just outside the Western St Thomas town of Yallahs. Corporal Kenneth Davis of the constabulary’s Protective Services Division, and Constable Craig Palmer, who was assigned to Kingston Western, were cut down, allegedly by Perry, as they played dominoes outside a wholesale.

Overall, Perry has been implicated in the murders of 16 individuals, the latest being former National Works Agency Parish Manager for St Ann Theos Blake, aged 30, who was shot in St Thomas on March 27. Blake is the nephew of Deputy Commissioner of Police Clifford Blake. He was buried in St Elizabeth, where DCP Blake is also from.

One source told the

Sunday Observer that so deep is Perry’s belief in the occult that he does not trust “even his own shadow”, and always makes sure that he is “properly oiled” before he goes about his business.

Haiti is known for occult practices, and St Thomas, too, where Perry originates, is regarded as one of the parishes in which obeah has figured in the diet of cultural folklore.

One resident of Albion, also in the western region of the parish, told the

Sunday Observer that it is even a growing view that Perry’s belief in the supernatural has been paying off for him, as every time the police close in on him he manages to escape, while others around him are either killed or captured.

“Dat deh man deh strong inna de obeah, man. A just because mi no believe inna dem something deh why mi think a just lucky him lucky, rather than a get protection from obeah. God is greater than obeah every time, and dah bad bway deh soon go dung inna the hole,” the elder said.

The police have since stepped up their operations to apprehend Perry, with massive searches in St Thomas, St Andrew, and Manchester in particular, without success.

However, some of Perry’s gang members, said to be more than 30, have either been captured or killed during clashes with national security personnel.

Jason Forbes was killed in an operation in East Rural St Andrew last month, while another gang member was captured while hiding in a church.

Kevon Eldemire, regarded as one of Perry’s closest allies, was also captured in Alligator Pond, Manchester, last month.

The police have appealed to Jamaicans to stop protecting and hiding Perry, who is originally from Phillipsfield in St Thomas. An initial offer of $1 million for information that would lead to his capture and arrest was raised to $1.5 million recently.

“He (Perry) is an extremely dangerous man who reminds me of Copper of the 1970s and 1980s,” suggested a now retired senior police officer.

‘Copper’ was the notorious badman Dennis Barth, who wreaked havoc with some of the most brazen crimes across Jamaica during the period, usually skilfully planned from his Rockfort, East Kingston base.

Barth, who led the infamous Hotsteppers Gang, was involved in numerous bank robberies across the island, and seemed to have had a particular liking for Scotiabank branches, among them the Three Miles, St Andrew branch, that was held up more than once, along with one that previously existed in Highgate, St Mary.

Barth, who would often kill policemen, and sometimes strip them of their uniforms which he would wear to commit other crimes, was closely aligned to the then left-wing Workers’ Party of Jamaica.

“Duppy Flim may not be as smart as Copper, but he is just as brazen,” the retired police officer said. “Maybe he is stupid enough to believe that because he is mixed up with Haitian voodoo and obeah he can just go out there and kill people and obeah will protect him. His luck will soon run out.”

The Police High Command remains confident that Perry will be captured soon, but there is increased speculation that he has fled to Haiti where, according to one Haitian journalist who spoke to the

Sunday Observer recently on condition of anonymity, Perry is wanted by the 21-year-old Haitian National Police for at least one murder committed in that country.

“He is involved in illegal activities here too, but it is very difficult to hold onto him because the security arrangements here are not as good as most other countries, and there is a lot of corruption in the police force,” the journalist said.

Haiti, which has suffered from several years of civil unrest, and has seen many acts of destabilisation, does not have an army, as it was disbanded in 1995, a move fuelled by the many coups that the country has experienced.


  1. Oh please I remember in the 80’s in Trelawny when the most wanted man namely” Mcardi”who used to invade police left right & center everyday all day . He would be here 1 minute and as him move so the police Dem would show up and ppl used to seh him obeah man great . But as the saying say ” long run short ketch” it might take the police Dem awhile to ketch him yes but in the end they did . So duppy film ur time is fast approaching.

  2. Is it that man has eluded capture because of the ineptness of the police force and also because he is receiving grassroot support from individuals who view the police force in a dubious regard?

    Talk about hyperbole and sensationalization. Voodoo should suffice, why the need to mention Voodoo, Obeah–which is the same as Voodoo–and witchcraft–which is not really applicable? Belief is one hell of a thing…

        1. Good morning, they are both occult but obeah is not formal, voodoo has a format and different Gods, obeah does not

          1. Also, voodoo is based on spirits that maybe or may not be ancestral, obeah, the person uses their own egguns/ spirits, that are leading them. They are not the same at all. People would say voodoo and ifa are more similar although people consider voodoo a darker part of things but both rely on individual Gods, obeah would more be a part of palo, not all of it because palo also has their Gods but obeah, the individual is using their own personal spirits to do what they want and that person may have been in contact with that spirit all their life with no formal training or introduction……..although palo is also close to voodoo too.

          2. They are permutations of the same thing. I am going to trust the source:

            ” It is a word synonymous with Jamaica and Jamaicans and many people have their own philosophy as to the etymology of the word itself. Obeah is the same as Voodoo, Juju, or what is known as witchcraft. These words create a certain fear among many, but I am amused by it all. No, I am not amused as in believing that it does not work or exist. “

          3. It is not. Please dont run me down. You have to be in the religion to know what is what. Voodoo has their own set of Gods and is eggun based along with that. Obeah dont have that, it is mostly a person who has been directed by their egguns all their lives that can do obeah..yes it is a jamaican term and it is our form of spirituality but it is not like voodoo…Voodoo like ifa and palo has a system that has many Gods, obeah does not. Most people will say what they think they know but until you are in it and see for yourself that is the only way u will know.

          4. Yuh go to a obeah man, chances are he is going to sit down and say xyx, and you should do abc..If you go the route of voodoo,(many readings are online about how it works and one was placed here) they will get a reading through one of their gods and ask that you give that God someting for it to do what you there is no way they could be the same..because you go through different channels…one is eggun based strictly and one is fi dem god based..

          5. Mi nuh know how people fi seh obeah and voodoo are the same lol. They couldnt be, I think even in voodoo the people are possessed and will come out and talk to people and give advice. That is what a friend from Haiti told me and I know its true. Obeah man nuh possessed , they have their spirits with them, that has already became one with them………………without dem consent I must say…so the person can see things without consulting other mediums because they have been a medium all their lives..Lali a two completely different things oo…both can bring results and are of the occult but a two different system completely.

          6. they are from the same source, evil practitioners practice what we call Obeah and of course Voodoo is the more complete structure–in what you are calling a religion. The only reason why you think it is so different is because what is practiced in Jamaica is mostly evil a very limited.

            They both have their roots in West Africa. That which is practiced in Cuba, Brazil, Haiti and Jamaica are all of the same root source and they shed and took on new elements in their adopted home countries. Hence, in this dispensation of time, individuals, conclude that they are different.

          7. What u talking about? What do you mean very limited?? What they call obeah in Jamaica is mostly from the Akan mixture in Ghana….voodoo is from benin firstly. None of them are limited, they both go in the realms but use different means to get there. Obeah is limited to what the person’s eggun wants them to do and what the person also wants to do…That is the only so called limit. Mi nuh know how u bring in Cuba and Brazil, and haiti has a system, obeah does not. Not all practitioners of obeah are evil, some dedicate themselves to doing good while there are others who use the realms for both good and bad..maybe that a di limit whey u a talk bout. Voodoo is more like a religion because of how it is based..baring in mind that the religion we are speaking about is about the structure and not about the gods per say..

          8. In Jamaica u will have people who back in the days will go to an area and give them warnings…….they were not regular christians, people would call them obeah workers..most of them dont have a system of divination . Voodoo has that. Some stories I hear in Jamaica about what they do, mi wudden seh dem limited , the only thing I will say is that greed limit dem because dem start use dem gift fi get rich and in doing that it brings on a totally different energy to the thing and that is their real demise. Dem spirit a lead dem and most a dem go open church pan tap a it, knowing is spirit a tell them this and that but because di church bring di money come dem run in…That is what is limiting them, greed. But dem powers not limited

          9. Though the core is the same, one of the biggest difference with Obeah is the use of L. W. de Laurence’s teachings to administer evil onto people.

          10. MET, limited in that Obeah as we know it primarily focuses on administering evil. When the slaves came to Jamaica, what we call Obeah was a way of life for the ones. However, as time progressed, what remained is mostly Obeah being used for evil deeds.

          11. No ure wrong, it is being used for the same thing today as it was yesterday. This is the only way it can exist. The powers that be would not allow it to exist if it were only being used for evil. People go deh before doctors same way in Jamaica. It is still a way of life for many. It was used for bad and good by the ancestors and is still being used the same way change.

          12. Mi a go leave it yaso now–believe what you want to believe and I will do the same. You and I both have our Haitian and African sources–along with what we read and live.

            Also note that I did not say that iwa pele was non-existent in Oeah; all that I have stated is that most and not all use Obeah for evil.

          13. I never said I believed anything Lali, I said both are different because one has a formal system and one does not. If you knew about the powers and ancestors you would know that destruction follows the moment one tries to manipulate the elements constantly for bad. Give the ancestors more credit than that. You have more people going to so called obeah man to help them overcome things than u have people going there to kill innocent people. Most of them that I have head about in my very short time of hearing about them claim dem do healing and so called protection. Remember they are using egguns so their egguns will do as they say . I said to you in my first comment that for u to know or see for yourself you have to be in it..cause sources can say but until you physically grounds with these people, then u will know some(African and Haitian)..because even then u a go si seh everyone does their own thing no matter what their structure say…everybaddie doing dem own system much like Christianity and other religions that say they are followers of Christ.

          14. I agree with what you are saying here:

            “If you knew about the powers and ancestors you would know that destruction follows the moment one tries to manipulate the elements constantly for bad…”

            Met, what you don’t realize is that we’re arguing from different vantage points and as such, we will see it differently.

            Thank you very much for your input…

          15. Lali,we are not arguing from different vantage points as u put it. Im trying to enlighten you as to what you didnt seem to know. Im not giving my opinions on what obeah is or what voodoo is. I am stating what they are because you dont seem to know.

          16. You said obeah is used for evil and it is so not true. A lot of obeah men open church in Jamaica. Many call themselves pastors, do you think if they were doing evil…….ONLY…that they could open so called churches?

          17. Honor and respect the same..but what do u mean by believe that? If it is regards to me saying u didnt know the difference, I would honestly hope that you didnt take it as me disrespecting you because you know that I have much respect for you. In saying that, based on what you said I realized that you didnt know what both entailed and suggested that you would have to see it for yourself and not take what others say because everyone has their own stories..But….it is common knowledge that voodoo has a system and obeah does not. Obeah is stigmatized by society because many of us accepted Jesus and the bible as you know forbids any practice that predicts and uses divination. Obeah is seen as evil because of that only..People been a use obeah fi good and bad from the days of the forefathers till now. There were no churches , no doctors and no scientist then so of course obeah a go use more back then. But that part of things u do know so mi nuh haffi head back desso..

          18. Met, not at all, we will not always agree and we disagree, I don’t regard it as a disrespect. The thought of you disrespecting me, did not even enter my mind. My brain does not work in that regard.

            I need to back pedal on some of the things that I said and restate them; none the less, we would still be at an impasse.

            It would be very unfortunate if individuals couldn’t disagree and still maintain respect for each other.

  3. Reminds me of the song screw face you time will come. Evil can’t reign fi long and dupe film reign a go short like him life.

  4. Why dem tekkin suh long fi guh fi Duppy Film. Dem know seh if is a “Most Wanted”, all demm haffi do is find Senator GrandPaw daughter and look between her legs. That’s the most popular hideout for gunmen.

      1. Lalivoodoo deals with gods mostly the thunder god Shango… and sacrifices not all of them do mostly evil to be honest, some do have churches some of the practitioners are even bishops! Obeah is nothing compare to Voodoo practise. So no they are not the same, witchcraft is not the same either.. thing is we label these occults wrongfully, for if one is working voodoo we call it obeah becuz of our ignorance.

        1. Me disagree with the Shango reference. Haitians deal with Loas and Pappa Legba is a primary. They can be traced to Benin. They are structured- they have hierarchies and ancient rituals.

          Trinis deal with Shango as a primary.

          Obeah weak in structure because of colonialism, the european chrisitan religion and black people treachery. Too many untrained persons doing all kind a phuckrey. Only the ones BORN with the gift and trained by elders are authentic. Workshop practitioners, buy a book and subscribe to deLawrence people is majority of Jamaica Obeah people.

          Me love and respect the practices of the ancestors, but me nah deal with obeah people. Dem not trustworthy, love play in a graveyard wid dead and tek any case without admonishing the client for being unjust.

          Me try fi get with Ifa, which is Nigerian (Yoruba), but me at peace with Santeria instead. Santeria instructs me accordingly.

          1. Something in santeria was weak and the energy mek too much batteyman ina it …both it and palo. A lot of santeros do what they want and den tell dem people lie seh dem a follow a certain structure..Ifa , if practiced mi have more respect for that but the Yorubas are really shady bad bad bad bad bad bad..and in everyway suh mi nuh know how that would work cause nuff a dem use it fi trickery …Santeros seh white but Yorubas know how fi spin white to black mi cyah badda

    1. :tabrakan: :amazed: :sup2: :ngakak

      WILLIE!!!!!!! Me say me try run and me drop, me stop and look again, me just a drop and can’t recover from that comment!!!!!!!!!!! me tell Met me need a funeral procession emoji causen say :amazed:

  5. Yes ppl Duppy Film works obeah fi true & he goes to Haiti back & forth with his Haitian gang members that also lives in St Thomas with him….his own cousin seh so, she seh she don’t trust him & him nuh trust him family either. Di police dem believe ppl a hide him but no one is hiding this man him nuh live inna house him live inna di deep bushes of St Thomas. Him have a few police friend inna di force weh tell him when dem ago search fi him. Him have St Thomas police dem shook dem fraid a him so dem nah go look fi him smh is him same one kill di Chinese girl outta di gas station inna Morant Bay.

  6. I have been reading and commenting on this wall for some time now and what I have noticed is that…it doesn’t how much one tried to correct another it is very hard to convince the blogger that he or she is wrong. Smh…yes @Lailia ah yu me ah chat, even over Observer site ah so yu gwaan. Admit when you are wrong man and learn something…yes based on your texting you seem very educated and intelligent. But please sometimes even the most educated have to be correct at times.

    1. Mi nuh know where Lali get fi him info from _______________But it look like smaddy really haffi go do dis obeah research just to show the world that every one whey call demself obeah man/woman do different things …Mi neva hear of any obeah man asking for sacrifices yet but voodoo u have to give ebos to their gods

      1. @Lalibela you did quite well. Obeah, Juju (as it is referred to here in Africa) is the manipulation of energy. The differrence between these “descriptive words” and religions such as Voudon or Orisha worship (I am an Iyanifa, an Initiated Orisha practioner, Isese which means traditional, not Lucumi, witchcraft is NOT a religious practice nor is it Juju, this I will explain soon) is that Voudon is a beautiful traditional practice coming out originally from Guinea and is practiced all over the world. The knowledge of rites and rituals, sacrifices and appeasement to the deities is one of the great cultural beauty of Africa, same with IFA which is the highest point of the pyramid when it comes to tradition. IFA is the binary code of the universe, highly scientific. A Voudoo practitioner can choose to use their knowledge to practice Obeah as we call it in Jamaica or Juju in Africa. This is owing to their knowledge of using their “left” hand. It is a golden rule within ALL traditions that the knowledgeable elder must never use their knowledge for bad, but human being is imperfect and will at times act off emotion, so if they want to do bad, (one example) instead of giving a powerful deity like Èṣù palm oil, so all things will be well, they will give him his taboo, something he abhors or that we are warned never to give, like adin, so that this will bring out a side of him that must never come out. By doing this, it is the knowledgeable elder who has manipulated the energy called Èṣù and send him to do bad. This act can be regarded as Obeah or Juju. Obeah when performed by an evil person is the calling upon wayward spirits, or if the practitioner has bought the service of some spirits to work for him or her. There is a conversation with the spirits, in person or through the world of dreams and vision, the spirits demand a certain payment, when it is received they go on their journey.Again this is manipulation of energy. A woman menustration can be used to manipulate energy and bring her all she desires, if she knows how to use it. Women have a hidden power within them, God help the world if they know this, not only their period, but them! However Obeah or the use of Obeah to do bad is to change someone’s destiny, and this is never good, it does have serious repercussions for the practitioner, one they cannot escape.But when human beings have power in their hand they become a little crazy.

        Witch craft is a spiritual fraternity, a family one is born into, unbeknownst to many, especially women. There are three colors ascribed to this peculiar sect, who we here in Africa refer to as the mothers or night people. If you are one who has ever gotten angry and have cried out a fierce curse at someone and it manifests, chances are you may be from that line. The thing is to know which sect (color) hangs over you. This is why when we get upset, we must watch our language or who we curse, you can know a witch through their eyes. Let me not linger on them too long here.

        Sacrifices is offered in Obeah work, the thing is most who have not the right knowledge give it, but do not know who they are giving it too, this act alone is very dangerous.

        Obara Meji

    2. @minuhcare the thing is though this is a forum for us all to have our opinions. His views may not necessarily be the same as yours per say but does that make his views wrong? I don’t think so! You can force your opinions down someone’s throat that all!

      1. It wasn’t a view he had the concepts mixed up. If one wants to say they are both occult and dark , thats an opinion but you cant say both are the same because their concepts are different.

        1. One is self taught with no particular structure and one is structured. It wouldnt be wise to say one is better or more powerful than the other, out of respect for the ancestors , that would be wrong but both have different formats and deal with completely different things.

        2. I understand that met but it’s still his interpretation of the concept. however wrong it may look in another person’s eye his interpretation is still personal to him. I understand that you may have a different outlook to some of us but some will hold their understanding of a topic while others are receptive and willing to perhaps review or change previously help interpretation.

          1. If u remember clearly Lali drew for reference to support what he was saying and that is where and when I explained to him that the two were different..That means it was not a personal opinion, it was was he read that influenced his thinking which I tried to correct. If he wants to personally hold onto the opinion that both are the same he is free to but when u draw references people have all right to correct that. I can say all churches are the same in my opinion but mi cyah draw fi reference and say they are the same then say thats my opinion..It wouldnt make sense.

    3. All is well, I will still contend that Obeah and the aspect of Voodoo that deals with evil doing are one in the same. Relative to comments on the Observer, if I am wrong and I will stand corrected. However, because you and the majority disagree with me, does not make me wrong.

      1. Hole it lalibela… Mi appreciate it when people can stand dem ground. It’s an admirable trait to have. Big up u dyam self

  7. Voodoo relies on chanting, Voodoo dolls and herbs, Obeah takes and uses some of these practices, Obeah relies on mostly candles oils powder etc…Voodoo will use ancestry spirits while obeah uses evil spirits while SCIENCE AS SCIENCE MAN is the most dangerous as science nuh easy fi deal with which can use demons aka fallen angels…There u have it !!!

    1. Stop it! you watched too much serpent of the rainbows….voodoo doll? :hammer don’t do it again! ooooooo

      fallen angel? :sup2:

      onu need to learn about onu self besides marcus garvey and rasta knowledge, looooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllll

  8. When y’all have a little education y’all act like unnuh graduated from a tier one ivy league magna cum laude, and summa cum laude. That Lalibela must have problems in his relationship(s) with a woman unless she’s a dumb f**k. I just hope he’s a lawyer because he’ll argue your ass till the bus out. Him come off like a know it all mumma lashy

      1. Lalibela, you are correct as in ” evil aspects”. This comes under one on the Universal laws which is the Principle of Polarity, everything has its dual counterpart contradictory tendencies, the world is made up this way. Even the Christian God loved Jacob and hated Esau.

        Take the Christian Bible for instance, if one has the knowledge (and by the way most so called Obaeh man/woman, a guess and spell wuk dem ah do) the beloved Black book (nicknamed the sword) can kill, maime and destroy. If one knows how to use psalms 56, one can kill very quickly, but one has to know the hours, days, Breath, voice, certain utensils needed and certain words on which to call upon.

        Other Psalms the same and more. Psalms 119 which is the Hebrew alphabet, a certain letter there can cure the blind or anything eye disease, And another can stop a miscarriage and another give baby to the barren (good Obeah, in this case). A Certain chapter and verse in Song of Solomon can bring back a stray lover and a certain verse in Malachai can put out the most horrible fire.Again this is manipulating energy and each religion or traditional practice or even if you sit at home quietly but have learned how to activate the power within you, we ALL have some degree of power, there lies something non physical that is willing to teach the chosen.

        There are initiations done in Jamaica and elsewhere into Obeah, which is formatted and structured, it is just a well kept secret.

        However we must never abuse our knowledge, we must try to walk up rightly.

        Obara Meji

        1. Obara from mi born mi neva si no obeah initiation yet. Everyone does their own thing there is no sect of obeah in Jamaica. Maybe in poco but not everybody who jump poco a obeah man and not every obeah man ina poco

          1. As Insaid Met, it is a well kept secret, but there is such a thing. YOU know I do not speak wha mi nuh know, however I will stop right yah so, (meaning no explanations, but mi know wha mi ah talk bout Met) there are many things people do not know, many.

            Obara Meji

          2. If everyone does things differently in obeah what would they be initiating into? There is no structure so what would they be initiating into and u said earlier they would not know who to give sacrifices to so what do they initiate into then?

  9. Okay, i had an cousin died 2 yrs aguh, his father had a church and he stoned his father’s church and set it a blaze! He went to bed and stayed their forty days and forty nights yep! After that he became ordained and start warn, i dont know how he became linked with chango but my mother said when she was a child she witnessed him DANCED THROUGH FIRE!! SPEAKS AFRICAN LANGUAGES AND MOVE LIKE SNAKE! If you are in his church and u a wuk obeah or plan on to him tek him belt and beat yuh or wet you up and tell you it naa guh work! he was one of them who started to take money from people for he lived into a 5 storey home bcuz of his money takings! part eventually burned down bcuz spirts were upset for he was abusing the gift! But all in all i met him once and i was happy to.

  10. Hi there Ms Met hope ur fine…
    Yes spirit a spirit Quite true But they have different levels of power as some are more aggressive..Demons are fallen angels which are different from a human being spirit…Human duppy= obeah and voodoo..while science uses fallen angels demons which are very different in power and tricky..

      1. Obeah dont have a set format as I said before so u cannot say they rely on oils and candles because if u go 20 of them, they will all tell u to do different things. They rely on nature somewhat and the spirit of their ancestors, to say it is evil, I cannot agree because of the capabilities of a person who does obeah..and that obeah man or woman can be a church goer , is just that they have a spirit directing them. Voodoo, I already explained earlier. I dont know how fallen angels come in because mi nuh think fallen angels can be controlled by humans to the extent that they will constantly do work for them. Mi nuh know how dat work or come in at all.

        1. Met these people confused. Fallen angel?these people will refer to their spirits as “angel” yes so dont think for a second they are refering to fallen angels! Human can control fallen angels?? Not even Alistair crowely could for they mad him to backside!

        2. YU figet the lime :hammer

          Fallen Angel nah nothing fi do wid this.

          Jamaicans will always view obeah in the wrong light because of the charlatans, wicked workers of the practice due to the instructions of those who seeked them out, and the fact that the white man religion tell blacks say it evil. We do have a nasty bunch of practitioners mix in with the good.

          From the womb then try kill me and is the good practitioners and the ancestors that assist me, so me can’t be a nonbeliever. God have servants in all forms.

    1. christian bible really have the mind a way? hush.

      demons are NOT fallen angels! humans were born of spirit- the body is just a casing/shell for the spirit.

  11. Anon 2:29, all inna Mrs. LaliBela relations yuh reach? ___________________ :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

    1. You want to hear my views on fallen angels? They are from the bible and mi believe seh we fi pair things up with what dem related to but anyway..If we did fi go by what bible seh di bible seh angels on a whole have more powers than human beings and they can manipulate the realms easily..meaning dem can go from earth to heaven and in between n speak to God directly..That is what the bible shows…Even as a fallen angel satan still was able to manipulate the realms same way…(Job) I do not think a human being would be able to manipulate such a being so mi cant agree seh obeah man work wid fallen angels because that angel have more power in everyway than the man

  12. Mi naw laugh yuh know how long Mi a read cause Mi affi tek een all di tings. Mi luv dem topic yah Mi interested in occult di topic up… so Mi dun wid obeah a voodoo Mi ting deh dem ting sound up….so nobody nave di contact info dem :nerd anyways yow hati ting tun up still eno ….. dem plan fi rab somebody di night an come call di gal outta har bed go pawty an rob a ooman purse teef har money an things (too bad it was a Haitian woman) she neva een pan di ting so she neva run di ooman did see har wid dem an determine say dem ago pay dem laugh it off and money dun spend off an sickness stawt tek har she go every cHurch dem caah help har an dat was afta doctor couldn’t find di source a sickness so di next bet obeah man … dem tell har say she bury di gal ova hati and obeah man a yawd couldn’t help. dem woulda affi go hati go dig up dat…. di gal dead an before she dead di spirit wah Come fi har deh deh an naw move a afta she dead di spirit fly out pass Mi wush!!!! not even fan blow so hawd like it did assign to do something an as it done dem go weh she did give har life to God still after she know she did ago dead…. But anybody come wake yuh up fi come outta yuh yawd a night doh go

    1. Haiti ancestral practitioners will always tun up because them RESPECT the ways of their ancestors and nothing can stop it.

      Jamaicans wishy-washy and have abandon the ways of old in favor of the white man EVERYTHING. Bless those who hold dear to tradition (Big up St. Thomas, for sharing and Seaga for collecting and preserving such knowledge. Big up the Jamaican Indians for keeping in tune as well) and don’t partake in inequity works.

      You know that Anne Palmer was from Haiti and learned the ancient ways from slaves?

      As for the fallen angels, I don’t understand why people think the God of the christian belief system abandoned “Lucifer” “Satan” “Morning Star” or what dem want to call that angel for good or punishment. bible stories stated that other angels went by choice, and you had those acting on their own at one point. Onu gwan think God and “his favorite” part ways for good and humans more favored 😀 nope. “he” received his own realm to rule over and it already had “tenants”- demons.

      1. Seaga did haffi preserve it oo cause a it a keep him alive till today. Mi nuh know why that man at his age still think people sending him blows oo :hammer

        1. Met can you elaborate more pon the Yorubas dem plz. One time mi wuk fi a Yoruba and we got into a spat, and from the man tink mi step pon him toe, everything that could go wrong when him round mi go wrong, things that wouldn’t happen before, suh him coulda write mi up. Met mi used to joke that it was some kinda voodoo,but now yuh a talk mi really believe something inna something

          1. Not all Yorubas practice juju so mi nuh know where to start. Yoruba is tribe and they have their religion but not all practice

        2. Lol…den no true him a talk. De opposing side dem boom pon it too.

          Me see lali run fi obara :hammer a month’s now me no see har any whey and bloops.

          1. PhantomPhoenix, I have to work with the subject matter experts! I am forever grateful for this medium; as there is a lot to share and learn…

  13. I don’t know who a guide or guard duppy film but plz know if a nuh god a guh wid yuh ur days numbered. ur film a go reach a bitter end

      1. Yes met das y he kept the table settings up stadium and obeah man Cappo was his close obeah man!

        1. Him have a new obeah man a st thomas whey him go but mi a wonder now if di man a work pan him or with him cause pj look stronger dan him and him frail bad bad :nohope

      2. Why dem tek tings fi joke??yes Voodoo dolls are essential in some cases in voodoo! Goats are essential they will get dressed like they are attending court when its a court case! And get sacrificed after wards! Sea side are also essential in voodoo and cemetary!

        1. G mi neva know goat ina voodoo esteem oo :hammer dis mek mi laugh___________________________________________

  14. Wah day yah Mi madda go a wah tun up obeah woman (Mi say tun up cause har numbers gone up since) fi come farrin an it look like it work tuh rass a 20 years dem give har Mi not even did know say dem give visa fi so long… so now dat Mi learn say dem different thanks to pink wall Mi a Wanda if a did di voodoo she do like how it tranga if all har ticket woulda did buy or is a free plane ride she woulda did get wid it all come a farrin to big house an dem tings… caah voodoo sound trang up

      1. Him a drain seaga! Energy! Cappo is a good one to remember! Seaga bought all his art works to rawtid i wonder a weh him really do fi seaga?? Hmmm his daughter now take up the practise and has church! Roberta flack get the healing of her life and praised that man to rawtid!


    1. Yu Neva see black fowl, G? A common yard fowl and dem nhame good stewed with some yellow yam, rental, breadfruit and banana girl 😀

      Where my Yardies at…Yawdy4life, YardieT. Real hail up

  16. Ifa is in my opinion the best route to go. I received a reading from 2 different Priests. The major theme was spiritual cleansing. It was never about harming anyone, however my orishas are protectors. My ebbos were just that, cleansing to remove self imposed nrgativity. It was about me, not anyone who wronged me. It was about my spiritual journey. Shango is an orisha of justice. In my opinion his double headed axe cuts both ways. He disciplines his children.

  17. I almost talked to shango already almost.. spiritually but neva badda But i talked to its figurine or statue watever it is called tho for my cousin had it at his place and told me to. These things drains ur energy esp wen u have gifts and temporaily take ur visions away! But always remember this dont ask these people to do bad to others..

  18. @Met, from my comment up top

    Sacrifices is offered in Obeah work, the thing is most who have not the right knowledge give it, but do not know who they are giving it too, this act alone is very dangerous.

    This is what I wrote Met………..Obeah is a practice, not a religion or tradition, just the practice of manipulating energy, for good or bad depending on the practitioner. Most who claim to know, really just practice trial and error. I revealed tonight that there are initiations (initiation into anything means the rite of passage into the unknown, the sacredness or knowledge of a particular order) done into the practice of Obeah, and this entails a lot. So many things to know and learn in this life, humility will open the way for those who view themselves as neophytes such as I. If you notice whenever I write about this subject, I always refer to practitioners as knowledgeable elders. This reference is given to but a few, only but a few. I am a teacher of metaphysics, among many things, and some will regard me as an elder, but I am a forever student. So much more to discover and learn in life, and it is best when it is from a good source and not from hearsay, I say this to myself and everyone.

    Obara Meji

    1. Anyone can give ebo/ sacrifice dem nuh haffi have the right to do so only to be asked. Not sure what u mean when u say some may not have the right. Isnt when its asked for its done? When they have dead yards, most of what I hear is that the spirit possess strangers sometimes who have nothing to do with anything..sometimes these people will pick up a bird and take the head off , drink the blood and sprinkle it and they are not obeah practitioners . What I have been saying and will continue to say the practice of obeah in jamaica has no set format for everyone…each practitioner may do different things as guided by their spirits.

      1. Mi read wha u seh wrong u seh those who may not have the right knowledge give it. Obeah nuh have no format, so most are guided by their spirits and what good for one may not be good for the other.

          1. Understood, until you gain the visual that you seek, “The Obeah Bible” written by L. W. de Laurence, sheds light on how the practice took on new dimensions/directions after coming to the new world.

            “What are the secrets of Obeah? This Caribbean magical tradition strikes fear into the hearts of many. Now at last its secrets are revealed. The Obeah Bible was originally published as The Great Book of Magical Art, Hindu Magic and East Indian Occultism in 1898 by L.W. de Laurence. This text is taken from the 1915 edition. The Great Book became an influential text in the practice of certain African-derived magic systems, including hoodoo, Voodoo and Obeah. The Great Book, along with all other books published by the De Laurence Company, remain banned in Jamaica due to strong associations with Obeah practice. This has earned The Great Book its nickname The Obeah Bible.”

          2. Obeah differs from practitioner to practitioner and while i will say much of it changed when slaves came to a new land, I could not agree to anything written after slavery where the knowledge did not come from those slaves. All I have been saying really is that while both may be used to do good and bad things, that is the only common ground on which they may relate. Obeah and voodoo r different and as to people claiming to knowing the secrets of Obeah I would not believe that cause everybody do their own thing so is a bunch a secret out there den?

          3. Makes a lot of sense met! Anything after slavery are mostly imaginations written down in books pure assumptions! Visual is one of the greatest knowledge when it comes to these occults.

      1. In the deep dark and rural places of Jamaica some of those old folks cant even read..Lali im not talking about the ones who read to con because dem nuff in Jamaica. I hear of one since night whey tell di woman fi bring pork, onion, scallion, peas and rice. Not those types Lali….people that were not taught anything , the ones that make up 90% of the obeah business in ja cannot read so good

        1. Likewise in West Africa, there are a lot of very knowledgeable practitioners who know almost everything about the world and they can’t read in the traditional sense.

          So met when you were you were younger, you don’t remember hearing about Dealerance [de Laurence] Men?

          1. No mi never hear bout Delaurence men mi hear bout delaurence things in the news. It was mostly rumor based, where i lived there were three very known practitioners who i recognized as such when i got older. People used to call dem madda woman. One had a church and the other two jus do dem ting one seh dem a fi good di next one fi bad and such. Delaurance ting was tv ting and news paper ting

  19. Total bullshit … There’s no secret knowledge and spirits anywhere..

    Just like there’s no God. These things have long been discounted.

    1. Not because u havent seen or encountered anything means it does not exist. Not everyone the spirits see as welcoming or open enough to communicate with them. Speak only for yourself and never for others

  20. Hail blessed PP,mi hope yawdy4life good too.All I will say abt all this is to quote the scriptures.

    “I form the light and create darkness:I make peace,and create evil:I the Lord do all these things”

    Isiah 45:7

    That implies GOD is 2sides of the same coin.What Satan??Even if he did exist. Wouldn’t he be the creation of the Same GOD?All light how did the darkness creep in?If I seal a jar of water how does blood get in there?Unless in the beginning good and evil,darkness and light resided/coexisted in the Creator.

    Great and interesting topic that we need to examine with our mind’s eye and not trivialize with verbal personal banter abt each other.

  21. Obeah to me is something that you put on someone, you do to someone and mostly it is not anything good…

    There is all form of different spirits you can worship that will do what you are seeking, it could be good or bad…

    Not all voodoo are bad, some good…

    You have different spirits that you worship and make sacrifices to do get what you want…

    This guy must be worshiping a spirit that deals with death and protection etc and to continue to get that from that spirit you must do certain things to continue to get it, you have to give the spirits things, chant certain words etc could be whatever that spirits needs for it to help you.

  22. I think most educated people accept evolution and have graduated from the bible thing – the spirits and all that beautiful secret knowledge by very “powerful/knowledgeable people”. It’s absolutely garbage because randomness shows anything can happen to anyone. Mr Duppy Film isn’t the first or last man to escape capture repeatedly. Man get lock up and run innna cell then escape etc. It’s just how random life is.

    From reading this thread I gather people believe you can have spirits protecting you and working for you once you get the right obeah man who can communicate with X spirit to guard you. LOL.

    It’s the same as going to God asking for his blessings.. These approaches have been discounted.

    1. Discounted by who havent had a spiritual experience. Have u thought for a minute that all the millions of people must have felt something

  23. Why are they so special to make a special connection with spirits and I assume these spirits have special abilities ?

    I have never seen a person who was helped by a Obeah man and many have tried.

  24. Evil in this context is referring to disaster/destruction/calamity and not evil in a moral sense.

    Yes God created Lucifer and knew that he would rebel. God did not MAKE him rebel and He did not create him as the devil either…Lucifer had free will to do as he wish. Evil does not reside in God but he allows destruction and disasters to happen for various reasons(many stories about that in the OT)

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