Word on the street Robbas got locked up last week and got bailed out fast so she could come and pop style at ICON party. She was in court today and got locked up on her way out. Come with the file

66 thoughts on “DEM SEH ROBBAS GET HOLD

  1. GM Met . Why the sender playing Tom fools day joke with us bloggers. Robbas can’t get hold you forgot a she name the best scammer in NYC dancehall .

  2. That meant ICE got a hold off her . Bobbete what happened to oil off all disguises from the Obeah man .

  3. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!
    NUH SEH SUH! Mi cyaa believe. No way, nope, no. Den who aguh tek care of Daffy and buy him new skirts??!!! Oh Gaawd protect him.

  4. What is going on? what is going on in here today (Audrey voice) But A Coulda wah cause dis…. Just hold nuh leggo…lmao no sah Dem like jail? look how in deh cold man Dem deh duh up baddy deh pan jail crate…

  5. :ngakak No sympathy from this side of the planet, Name brand life and wanting to be a celeb is going to be the death of some of you, Cleaning shit is not so bad after all! Freedom to me thing over hype life.

  6. Sorry fe you hope Daffy take good care off you now while you behind bars . Bobbette is too brave and don’t take warning so ppl mouth catch you dear .

  7. They are their own worst enemies. Saturday di whole a dem ina party after dem haffi a go from venue to venue and di little super turtle looking selector deh pan Pinkwall di whole night a tell di people dem how we a call I.C.E pan people…Si I.C.E yah and nobody made a call.Dem really think people grudge dem fi dem teefing so dem would call I.C.E pan dem. Only dancehall people operate pan badmine because badmine is what bring dem out night after night trying to out do each and woman. Who in their right mind want to see their own country-men disgraced and sent home? Only dancehall people cause dem same one quick fi call I.C.E and police pan dem one another.

    1. No sah MET,mi tek dis personal cuz mi a one regular Metter so him a talk me in someway. Mr.Turtle if yuh read dis wall u wuda know anytime nuh body here seh dem a go call ICE,other ppl jump and cuss dem out an seh no leave ppl alone. Dem bad mind,ting nuh get support round here. Unu gweh an big up the wall weh gi unu relevance. Unu love get featured on here cuz it mek unu feel important.

        1. Ha!!! To how it serious..the admin from wah new blog *ahem* lives over here, she emulates MET to the point where mi think a MET a chat. That person is a regulaaaa ova dese parts.

          Bobbette hasnt snapped in a few days but her sister nuh miss not one party..she doe even look concerned. If my sister was in jail I couldnt party. Bwoy dem different.

          1. _________________________________________________ Why dem love falla me and I dont have a twin and mi nah falla nobody?

        2. To call I.C.E on anyone the person has to know the personally like dem real name address weh dem live. For on mi born I Neva tek up a phone and call I.C.E pan nobody I don’t even know I.C.E # is dem own friends a dweet. Mi nah look pan dem I can sleep good at nights knowing me Neva call nothing pan no one. Its like she Neva did a tek Brenton warning when she him mek the video and say Bob drag walk light, dem need fi leave pinkwall alone

          1. Who love call I.C.E and police like dancehall people? Dem ina dance bout pinkwall pinkwall and who come pan pinkwall idle and dem nah lick out pan dem teefing fren dem whey a teef and send demself go prison.

        3. Yes it’s a badge of honor fi seh,”pinkwall”hate
          mi.” KMDT.If dem neva feature pon di wall dem wudnt have “fans.” Dem fi love is wall.

    2. Real talk met…. a di sed ppl weh dem go tan up bedside every night and share bakkle wid prabley call ice pan dem.

    3. How pinkwall going to call I.C.E pan dem? And most of us that comment on here don’t know them personally? We don’t know where they live most of us on here never met them before, is them own friends a call I.C.E pan dem. They are so foolish and dumb what are we going to call ICE and say robbas? Them need fi go pick up a book

  8. I hope she get out my prayers go out to her and if she does gets out I wish for her to get some therapy for not stealing anymore, and to start doing something productive with her life.

    1. :ngakak :ngakak therapy cyah help dis mi luv dwl di way it look like dem teef all if yuh chop off di hand dem she teef wid har mind telepathy if a di right word dat :ngakak :ngakak

  9. Dem come in like idiot, they think government don’t have FB, IG, SC and everything else. They know they doing wrong and yet want to live hype life and be all in people camera and on the internet bragging about how they scam people! Karma is real and every dog have his day. Me prefer to live my humble life, work hard fi mi things and take my likkle one and two vacation a year that i pay for. Cuz end of the day I can sleep good that nobody can’t draw me out my bed go a jail fi tief or scandal me pon social media fi hype with tief omg things.

  10. Apple you are not a good friend. Lol
    Yesterday you cut out Bobbeth from the pics,
    Now today you be posting her up.

    Lol yuh fraid or nah ?

  11. Lifestyle of the rich and famous, NOTTTTTTTT. I can’t feel sorry for her. These people have created enough damage to society and heartless to the family they will leave behind. Robbas get more chance than anybody I know. When things like this happen, it should be expected. It’s only a matter a time before the cookie crumble. To the others in a similar situation let this be a warning to unu. Social media hype fi wah. A tief shall never prosper!!!!

  12. Bad and Boujee in a teefing Products, Girl Bye!I hope they do a thorough investigation and find out you is a Credit Card Scammer you and your entire family.

    1. Dem call I.C.E pan dem one another and see it come out deh seh is Tricia lock har up. These people are all the same a some dark legion of demons propel them perpetrators of evil.

  13. AII u people that have such negative thing to say about the girl are horrible disgusting Bad mind it’s not her fault why y’all wants to sit down and live a average life and discuss other people business while none if you guys have no life.. this girl is a young girl and I’m pretty sure that most of you that’s talking about her is much older than her hop off the girl back evil people Stop being Hater’ when you’re sitting down wishing bad about people And Diggin hole dig one for yourself are someone in your family…BOBBETTE I WILL BE praying for you to come home safe and everything be OK so that these dirt mind people could feel like shit in them selves…come on man she is a young girl if you people just sit on her Name how is she going to ever strive leave her alone…

    1. Haters? Yuh know who hate Bobbette har man neva leave har for her sticky fingers. Her mumma and sister who never stage an intervention fi get get fi change har klepto ways. Her friends who she teef fah who don’t like har but dem tek har tings same way. She nuh like harself low self esteem bring her here. We Metter show Bobbette nuff tuff love,when we seh stop a cuz wi nuh wasn jail or she fi get deported. Unu gweh bout bring down. Unu gi Met more fight and she is a business owner,yes pinkwall is a business an mi neva hear Met bawl bout haters suh,and dem deh hate is real.

    2. LMAO…. :ngakak :ngakak Whoiiiii. The so called haters are not in ICE custody doe. I hope all GOSE well with her as well….NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I do not feel sorry for her. From last summer when she got into it with Dolly, this leggo beast just a gwan like she invincible. I remember she said, “Send home who Dolly yuh think a so send home go”….She needs to be deported because when the police ID her she gave someone else’s name therefore she cannot be tamed. She is well seasoned. I can only imagined how man people’s lives she has mashed up by using their name to scam or get out of her mess. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  15. Remember when a lot of y’all used to go in stores and thief.. and walk in salon to salon a sell y’all thieving goods?? Well it’s the young people dem time now.. do u know what ur child is doing?? Some of y’all kids out deh a thief and scam so stop throw stones.. also for a cousin to do this to another cousin is bad. She need to remember that her mother is return deportee. And what goes around comes around. Karma is a bitch!! Claudette is a return deportee and she need to stay out of young people argument and go look her own age group. She look like eagle. Fix the nose too..ugly

    1. None a mine nuh teef so teef ina fi uno blood not ours . U bright bout pickney teef . When robbas was lipping tricia ova di car payment you all should have stepped in. Uno is a set a wicked

    2. yuh phuck’n outta awda yuh tink everybody nd dem muma guh dung teef’n streets like unno, weh yuh fi duh a teef shame pride and honest way of living dash pon har betta yet guh tek har spot fi har cuz it luk like yuh need it more dan har..Robbas luk like she care wid d long ass file she have already she need a sharp lass cross yuh mouth and pon yuh tongue

  16. Them gal yah addicted to taking shit that don’t belong to them!! Them nah learn everyday them get up a hype look at this shit now!

  17. First off Robbas so poppish she should have turned in that car so she n the chick no have no words to exchange much less threaten u caaaa a threaten mi n a use mi name u MADDDDDDDDDDDDD kmft dem say when u hand inna lion mouth teck time draw it out dem to wrong n strong Robbas it look like a u a get the beating inna all this mama mi feel sad for u smh

  18. Tricia ago get what’s. Coming to her she too bamind . she fi remember how Robbas take care ah she too

  19. Hold on hold on! A really defend ppl deh ya a defend ole TEEEEF? Unnu suck unnu mumma! Bad to bad the Pinkwallers will say bwoy go easy or change or what eva but at no time we ago accept bomboclaat teef. Suck unnu madda again a dat mek the crime tan so a yaad too much ppl a accept f**kery inna the name of eat a food. Originally when ppl use to gi a culprit a bly dem neva use to go so hard n as soon as dem can straighten out dem self dem stop. But dem ya pussyhole a teef, scam n then a come boast n gwaan like dem deh pon another level move unnu rass bout bad mind. Who a ago grudge a CRIMINAL yea we need fi start call a spade a f**king spade bout hustla. Unnu know nutten bout hustla? Every real nigga in d streets weh a hustle know say hype n hustling nuh go together and that the bottom of the bucket ago drop out one day. So stack u paper, set u shit right a yard even if u have papers and hold a low profile. All if u ago splash u money u still do it one a way but the end game is to try go legit n lef the game fi smaddy else. Move unnu rass unnu think ppl a idiot bout badmind when unnu so call frenz start kill unnu and unnu family a unnu same rass come pon ya a talk bout we naah help or support. Suck unnu madda again f**king teef a bet if she neva a gi unnu supn unnu wudnt chat.

  20. Why everybody a blame Tricia?! How u and somebody inna arguement and u get pulled over and a use the girl name … she do so much damage to the girls identity. Bobby cuss the Tricia out and tell her she nah get nuh money fi nuh car and talk bout shi fi go pay the rest a money by herself and then she get pull over and still a use the girl name… I cannot blame Tricia for bobbies short comings because how long u think u can use someone’s name to do dirt and don’t expect it to catch up too u…. mi still feel sorry fi bobby cah mi nuh wish dem things deh pan nobody but who can’t hear feels.. but its a hard lesson for bobby

  21. What I really want to know is how is this someone else’s fault (unno disgust me,bright BAD). Did anybody tell her fi guh thief, did we the pinkwallers accept any of the thieving goods? Unno want the world fi open up and swallow di whole a unno. Put the blame where it belongs on her and the people who was taking the stuff. She is a brazen thief, she was/is very proud to show off what the lifestyle gave her. Nobody is wishing her bad, we r stating FACTS. Is she a known thief/scammer, yes the mugshots states it, no one is lying on her

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