20 thoughts on “DEM SEH USAIN CLEAN

  1. He tried. The shoes no mek it. The shirt collar no match di tie. Di shirt no look good wid the suit. The handkerchief looks like one a pimp would wear.

      1. Met, she idolises the Kardashians and that is what most of them drive so of course that is her life ambition. No house, no business that she can use to take care of herself, she just want the expensive car so people can see her in traffic. Her whole thing is just to profile for the Gram.

  2. I’m giving him a 9 out of 10. I don’t know what’s in his breast pocket, because it looks too big to be a handkerchief, or maybe it isn’t folded properly, but it almost caused me to grade him down more, but overall a good look.

  3. mi like it, I give dis an A. a gold medal look for him. if I have to be picky mi wuda talk bout him rolly rolly head, those grains wont be denied.

  4. For all the years Usain inna spotlight unnuh can tell when is someone else dress him, unnuh dash weh dat bout Kasi mek him look clean (and have him a look like heng pon nail on dem vacation) kmt…..when him look well sharp like this is either NJ or Asafa dress him! And something about the shorter pants with the loafers mek mi feel seh is Asafa (same kind of look Asafa beat di other day at the athlete’s ceremony)

  5. Usain you get a pass. BUT mi still nuh undastand why him cant get 100%. Look at JZ he aint the cutest but he can pull off that GQ look perfectly. If a nuh di wrong shoes or that oversize thing weh inna di jacket its something else. I see average men in church rock the hell out of a suit and fi dem budget is no match to Bolt. Mi try cova him face with mi hand so mi nuh bias the thing but him still naw bingo

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