Met post dem picture yah fi mi deh dj bugzy how yu can change gyal suh? Yu really garn pick up dem type a gyal yah? Mi confuse because as far what mi hear yu still deh wid yu bby madda ppl unnu ask him a wa gwan him life style dirty! People who know weh this one name???


  1. Senda when u seh Dem type a gal yah what do you mean??? Because as per Mr.Bugzy di way u described him afta him a nuh kno betta type than this girl kmdt.

    Good morning Met…

  2. Ok babymadda… Yu sen een di man pic wid a sexy gerl weh inna yu porridge. Sen een your pikchur too suh we can see if the DJ a upgrade

  3. When the in-between side phuck n duck worried bout the new side phuck, a suda dat de admin call dis yah…cuz yuh hurt suh till :ngakak bout weh seh name dwrcl

  4. You know he’s polygamous, deal with it. Don’t start with the foolishness because you see ants in the milk.

  5. Oh please this story boring a waste a time this why unnu a Mek this bitch feel like she important kmt! Bugzy a gwan like seh a one good gyal him pick up look how much man dah gyal yah f**k and suck smh unnu a talk bout him bby madda fi send in picture what is wrong with him bby mother???? Because is a good gyal weh no man can’t call out her name suh all who a chat continue because no natter how much gyal him have none a dem can’t inna no competition wid him bby madda because him love she!

  6. Sender you sound very stupid because this dj bwoy is nobody the only ting bout him is that him cocky good and him can f**k that’s it!

  7. Candy Yuh sound like hurt bout Bugsy and the girl every time sumbody a cuss a next gal d fuss ting unnuh talk bout a suck ..Bugsy up wid d girl so what …unnuh belly a kill unnuh loll …Bugsy n d gal happy candy u sound like u hurt

  8. Candy no man u sound like u a 1 a d man ex u hurt bad. dis girl sexy n MI see them out dem luk Gud together .y unnuh tan suh Bugsy happy n the girl happy .Unuh Lowe it man cos d girl an d man happy.d man n him baby madda lef lef lef Unruh no too much

  9. Dirty Shelly and dirty teika come suck out every blood outta mi good pussy wen mi a see mi period who the f**k is you? Me sound hurt? Oh please! Listen when a man want a gyal him own her up suh why him not owning this bitch up? How many man f**k yu fren? All a now I don’t see him put up no pics or seh a him woman and wen him did deh wid him good bby madda him proper own her up suh unnu guh find somethink do I can just imagine how unnu house full a dirt kmt!

  10. @shelly we all know it’s you in the picture what a way you hurt till you have to comment loolll you need to make the world know you f**k and suck like dog and suh stop try inna competition wid him bby madda because she a good gyal fi you no man can’t call up her name suh guh siddung yu a gwan like you pretty kmft

  11. Omg is this who I think it is because if it is my brother use to f**k her, this can’t be this man woman because I’m ferns with him on Facebook and I don’t see him put up any pics off her suh what’s the big deal? When’ a man wants a woman him don’t hide her dwlllllll

  12. Unu luv talk bout baby madda a good girl eee so fukin what. Good fi bludclaat she after she nuh more dan nobody n she nuh tan good kmt unu gwan yah

  13. He’s new women is called toya aka latty one f**ky f**ky gal lol. I can’t stand her u see

  14. But honestly mi hear a him babymudda lef him, a weh bugsy av soh weh a mek problem dwfl , mi dont see nothing wrong wid d hot brown man, make him live him life wid hu eva loooool hbd bugsy

  15. This look like toya and if a she bugzy must be very desperate because a nuff man f**k it you can’t wife dem type a gyal yah kmt

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