Following news that businessman Patrick Powell has been freed of all charges related to the 2011 shooting death of 17-year-old Khajeel Mais, several persons in the music industry have called for the freedom of dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel, who is serving a life sentence for murder.

The entertainers are of the view that classism was a factor in Powell’s freedom and have expressed dissatisfaction with the not-guilty verdict.

lower class

“It’s two set of rules one governs the rich and one governs the poor,” Demarco’s producer Tiyarro Drake told The STAR.

“I just want people to understand that same like how police shoot black people and get away with it overseas, we are not far from that type of thing out here where bias is concerned between the upper and the lower class,” Drake said.

“It is funny how they found so much evidence and this and that to convict Vybz Kartel, yet they couldn’t even get this man to hand over his firearm for testing. Trust me, it’s not a good look, and God nah sleep. Free World Boss,” the producer said.

Record producer Skatta Burrell took to social media to air his opinion on the verdict. Along with a photo showing the accused Patrick Powell walking to his car, the producer wrote on Instagram.

“All I can say is free Vybz Kartel”.

judicial system

Mais, a Kingston College student, shot dead when the driver of a BMW X6 reportedly opened fire on the taxi in which he was travelling after it collided with the sport utility vehicle.

Recording artiste Maestro Don is a former Kingston College student and friend of Khajeel Mais. He believes the judicial system is corrupt..

“On the brighter side, thanks for exposing this corrupt system in which we live … I am still upset not only about the verdict, but the ‘Troubled Teen’ act of defamation of your character was totally uncalled for … R.I.P Tracta …,” he wrote to Mais on

He later told The STAR that Mais was in his year group at Kingston College.

“He was a jovial person. We were in the same year group so it’s sad for me and sensitive because I feel like it could have been me or anybody in a taxi. This makes me question if the law is fair to every Jamaican, and it force me to wonder if it was just a case where they wanted to make an example out of Vybz Kartel … like mi haffi get rid of da bredda ya. Right now, I don’t think it was a fair trial,” he said.

In the Home Circuit court yesterday, Justice Lloyd Hibbert directed the jurors to return a formal verdict of not guilty after the Crown offered no evidence in the case.

The development comes after the prosecution’s star witness Wayne Wright on Friday recanted his witness statements to the police in 2011.

Powell was charged with murder and shooting with intent.


  1. Listen ah real talk dem couldn’t even find Lizard body much less
    This man is more guilty than vybz it’s just how d system set up them dash weh who dem wa dash weh n free who dem wa free u just have to have the right coins shit is messed up! Nobody nuh right and people must pay the price if dem do the crime but this a straight bias bullshit dem need fi let out kartel so the clash can gwan good ! Dwl we need some more excitement inna dancehall a real mavado kartel clash would be legit right now knowing that sting is approaching ! Hopefully kartel appeal get tru ! Smfh they actually had real evidence on this nigga and him manage to fly out and all these things and also get freed .. sick of dirty ass Jamaica worst country ever ! Jamaica need fi stop keep Gad Kno

    1. U like basketball doah?the minnesota timberwolves need to shove up some timber inna ur bombohole kakafart mek u choke pon yuh own vomit.where u get jamaica to be the worst country ever base off this one case? U want a convicted killer linked with over 100 murders to be set free so you can listen clash music!??

      Then yuh a chat bout who n what sick but a becuz u never did infront of a mirror mek yuh nuh see the extent of ur sickness!come pon ya a chat one bag a disgusting crap…GO SYM straight n hop off a Brand Jamaica cuz ur country manufacture n export injustice the world over.GO SYM again n Agen!

      1. Yardie love thug calm down lol mi Nuh inna no argument wid PPL weh mi doh know nor ever see b4 easy yuh self !

      2. So justice would be kill a man an get Weh wid it because yu a entertAiner ?? Aren’t we referring to ALL cases they have tried incorrectly ??? Kartel pur himself at the crime through text messages and lizard left messages that he was in fear and the young witness was not a punk like Bredda Frasta and kept to his words …. Unu really need Fi go enroll in a class start from kindergarten ….this man did not put himself at the scene open your mind that’s y he got off no license plate nothing ….think … Kartel get Weh him work fa

    2. So justice would be kill a man an get Weh wid it because yu a entertAiner ?? Aren’t we referring to ALL cases they have tried incorrectly ??? Kartel pur himself at the crime through text messages and lizard left messages that he was in fear and the young witness was not a punk like Bredda Frasta and kept to his words …. Unu really need Fi go enroll in a class start from kindergarten ….this man did not put himself at the scene open your mind that’s y he got off no license plate nothing ….think … Kartel get Weh him work fa

  2. They had eye witness an mountains of evidence on Fartel, none on mr X6 since the main eyewitness denied everything. Fartel better off whey him is. Him need to stay there so all a nu move unu bumbo

  3. not funny 35 yrs to life 35 years and life married so indirectly him get both no parole before… kmt an appeal can change everything.. Im upset him bawl out god wid him a the taximan the shot meant for I think deep down he regretting shooting mais, back to the man who hit his x6 and no stop farrin call it road rage. tek one step back not many of us can restrain ourselves if someone hit our car and keep driving if we got a gun, trigger happy human being we dealin with, from day one a the driver head mi want, it goes right back round hm lik the man car him owe the man ……thus the reason why him say him no see nutten, this caused lot a ppl pressure to go up from yesterday,

  4. Jamaica is very corrupt and it is sad to even have to point it on let alone see it for yourself by them letting this man go and he clearly killed that young teen that as in the taxi trying to get some where like any other citizen would be doing, it is not the young teens life that the taxi driver pissed this man off to were he had to shoot off of the cab, he should be in prison and his gun should of been ordered from the court for him to give it up, so basically he or anyone else can see they don’t want to give up their fire arm and the justice system is ok with that but let it be a man that is not in this man league as far as money etc say that the police dem self will go inna the man house and take it…
    Karma is a real bitch and this man and the judge and jury karma will touch each and everyone of them because them wrong, he is not even paying the family for their pain and suffering.

  5. Kartel shouldve stayed in the studio cause hes very talented – now all wasted

    however Patrick powell is a monster !

    and to everyone who’s condemning the taxi man

    if you know the intimidating dangerous power Patrick powell and his cronies hold you would shudder

    Powell is a uptown bad man , murderer

    very well connected

    hate his soul

    Powell probably threatened the taxi man life and family and has probably followed through to show how serious he is

    thats powells style

    he probably got some money too but TRUST ME its the threats and that taxi man probably wont live long

  6. By right the phone evidence that convicted Kartel should never have been allowed in because the phone was modified in police custody.

    1. Did u read the transcripts? Nothing was modified, they tried to make it seem like the phone was not secured and the policed used to phone to contact people nothing was modified. Kartel is a confessed murderer and he is right where he should be

  7. Here we go met why every time it come to Kartel case u pick up fi dem dutty police deh? Come on man split justice smhhh if u hate smaddy that a one thing ah ur thing that u entitled but don’t be biased.

    1. Because he is a killer and a menace to society … Kartel is a dumb genius who commit him self to the police.. And Shawty did need a break from count rice grain

  8. The rastama know both parties …he started lying at the beginning of the case he said he did not know where the bullets came from so he ducked and drove his car in the opposite direction

  9. Taking an innocent person’s life all because somebody hit /scratch/dent you vehicle really?? if that’s the case why him couldn’t just shoot out di damn tires dem then….a suh people life nuh mean shit to people nuh more

  10. FREE Vybz Kartel ah wah do ppl .. free every man inna jail
    As if it will mek Jamaica any better or worst kmt nuff criminal deh walk free ah Jamaica what’s the difference !!! When it comes to that country I could care less sad to say it’s the land of my birth but once you have the right money and u come from the right background yuh feee fi live any life yuh wa live ! Look pan my yute deh and shanique Williams dem a walk free even tho them rape nuff little girls look at Harrington levy and many many many more ! Jamaica is one of the dirtiest place ever !

  11. People seem to conveniently forget that Kartel is linked to over 100 murders in Jamaica. He got off one murder charge and the police need to go after him for the over 99+ other murders that he has his hands in. Hope he meet his marker in Jail. He shouldn’t be alive they way I see it.

    1. I dont understand why Kartel is being used as a distraction in this case. The focus is being taken away from the victim and his family. When Kartel’s case is before the appeal court then they can chan the tiring Free Worlboss slogan. That time is not now. This is disrespectful. Mi neva wah add to this discussion but people still nuh see how Kartel damaged the youth through his music image and lifestyle then add murder to that…..sickening.

  12. Jamaica is very slack. How can he not give you guys his gun for testing….An you guys not revoke is gun permit/license. In the US at least my state….Once u are involved in a shoot or allegedly in one u have to turn over your firearm for testing. Oiieee mista man if yuh dweet memba god nah sleep oooo. R.I.P Mais.

  13. Heard one the street Mais was no saint a mini kartel in de making yes there is another story dat a rob him n de taxi man a robba bump in de car fi rob de man police all find gun powder residue pon him dat mi hear can anyone confirm this

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