Met meet maryland trashbag courtney leave from f**g one dj to the next dj prince royal rennastone kirk vybez omar b and more in counting last week she get catch (Edited) in a car back



  1. Senda move an gweh u neva kno car back f**ck a one a di sweetest f**ck ….woieeeeeee long time Mi nuh duh Dem tings dere meck window foggggg uppppp.

  2. On a serious note, this woman allegedly sex two DJs and a news? Somebody nuh haffi sex DJ. Let di ooman and har pusc live man. Ridamndiculous!

  3. Sender rennastone a married man with good good wife. I don’t think that’s his type.. But tell me more.

  4. Ugly rat face courtney the amount a dmv man she f**k its countless blad head hoe looking like any zoo animal go hide u face

  5. Really though we know all djs correction most djs are freaks long time they are entertainers it cone with the territory with that said play yourself out hunny bc those same man are all friends and them ah go sit and chat you like gal. She look young too…smh

  6. Omar b to nasty him f**k everybody from roxy to everready rain to court to channy to oddessa how much pussy him want f**k suh

    Kirk vybez been nasty long time nasty old man

    1. Everready rain the one who tells everyone that Omar b is her man. She claim him her man but not really her man. Follow him round dance like a puppy

  7. Rennastone is married so what married man do the most cheating gal shut up ams come off a pinkwall him f**k amber roxy fi play a her cook out fi free

  8. the fact is yall bitches is fukin for free. still looking like a dirt ball still a katchh pon ppl sofa still live wid unu muma.. n di man dem naah buy unu baxside ntn more dan a cup of henny.. unu is a wukuless set a young gyal. mi waah throw a bottle of pride. ambition and motivation pon unu.. we done know seh roxy ole belong to any n everybody,, let f@@k be free.. renna bran and every ada man fi fuk out unu ole.. cause unu mouth n cratchess doh ave a price tag.. not even toll booth can collect di sonic 71 gyal much less half ah unu gyal name weh a call.. unu fi done di man dem weh a suck pus## nammm unu batty.. ah betta seh u stop hear who fuk@@ who.. unu wuda reach far if unu dida fu@@ fi college mny or rent or car note.. every miclke mek a muckle.. young whores unu sell f**k or save unu cratches….di dutty man dem ah f**k unu off and sit dung wid dem dutty fren and lol..

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